Basics Of Student Loan Used In The Student Loan Calculator

Basics Of Student Loan Used In The Student Loan Calculator

What are the basics you need to know about Student Loan Calculator?

Welcome to, your one-stop destination for all your financial calculation needs! At, we understand the significance of being well-prepared before utilizing tools like the Student Loan Calculator. Whether you're planning for higher education or looking to manage your existing student loans, it's essential to have the necessary basic information at hand. With our user-friendly Student Loan Calculator, you can input the relevant details and gain valuable insights into your loan repayment options. Take advantage of's Student Loan Calculator to make informed decisions and achieve your educational and financial goals.

Loan Amount: The Loan amount varies for everyone depending on whether it's a federal or student loan. Usually, the loan amount is offered by considering limited based on the enrollment. It is provided in graduate, undergraduate, and master's programs.

Federal Student Loan Amount:
For undergraduate students: Direct Subsidized Loan Amount is $5500 per year.
The Direct Unsubsidized loan amount is $12,500 per year.
Graduate Student Direct Subsidized Loan Amount is up to $20,500 per year. 
Direct Plus Loan: It depends on the school cost of attendance deducted by any financial aid like a scholarship 
It is the same for parents of Dependent Graduate students as a plus direct loan. The reported cost of attendance minus any scholarship or financial aid.

What is a Private Student Loan Amount?

The loan amount for private student loans varies. Lenders set their borrowing criteria, annual borrowing limit, rate of interest, and repayment conditions. In general, private loan lenders offer loan amounts that can cover the cost of attendance. Also, any Financial aid a student receives. Lenders also sometimes impose lifetime limits on borrowers. It may be up to $150,000. Irrespective of if you borrowed a federal or student loan. Borrow only the amount you require per school year. It is after exhausting all the financial aid or grants and scholarships.

Suppose the loan amount is to finance your educational gap. Maximize federal student loan limits before turning into a private student loan. Federal loans come with various benefits, like income-driven repayment plans and subsidized hardship programs. 

What does a loan term in a Student loan Mean?

The loan term is the amount of student loan you must cover in time. Federal student loans fall under a standard repayment plan. The default duration is ten years. At the same time, Student Loansunder some alternative plans offer 15-25 years. Private student loan amounts and repayment terms differ by lenders. The terms for student loans can be around five years or up to 20 years. A shorter loan duration can save you more money on interest charges. It could also result in a larger monthly payment during the repayment duration. Sometimes lenders offer lower interest rates as incentives for the short loan duration. At the same time, a long-term student loan lowers the monthly payment. It accumulates and collects more interest.


Before opting for Student loans, you must know all the plans, terms, and conditions. Check all the lenders are offering and choose the right student loan and term as per your need. It should work well with your financial needs.

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