Bmr Calculator: Affecting Factors, Calculation, And Reliability

Bmr Calculator: Affecting Factors, Calculation, And Reliability

What factors affect the BMR of an individual?

At, we understand the importance of accurately calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to understand your body's energy needs. Our BMR Calculator utilizes formulas tailored to gender, weight, height, and age to provide an estimate of your BMR. While it offers a basic calculation, it's important to note that factors like stress, caffeine intake, and nutrition levels are not taken into account. For a more comprehensive evaluation, we recommend consulting a nutrition expert or specialized fitness studios that utilize advanced calorimetry devices.

Apart from Body Shape, age, body composition, and hormones, other factors affect the BMR of a person.

Children and Young Adults have a high BMR. It is because the bodies are in a constant mode of growth.
The body requires a constant chain of food to produce energy. Even when a teenage child eats junk food, it doesn't show on their body. It is because the body utilizes it.

With age, the BMR decreases because the body shifts to a catabolic state.
People with lean bodies have a higher BMR. The muscles require more energy to maintain it. Ultimately the ones with high body fat have a lower BMR. Now fat tissues require less energy. Hence Men tend to have a high BMR compared to women. 

Thyroxine Hormone is also a factor that affects the BMR. People with high or normal thyroxine levels tend to have a high BMR compared to the ones with low BMR.

The Basal Metabolic Rate, i.e., BMR, includes a particular body's surface. Details such as any fever or physical condition. The activities like fasting, smoking, sleep patterns, and emotional stress can impact the BMR.

How do you Calculate the BMR of a person using the formula?

While the formulas like 
Men=BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x body weight in kg) + (4.799 x height of Indivual in cm) - (5.677 x age of Indivual in years)

Women: BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x body weight in kg) + (3.098 x height if indivual in cm) - (4.330 x age of Indivual in years)

RMR is Resting Metabolic Rate. It is at a pace in which the body utilizes energy to maintain vital body functions. It does include activities like digestion. RMR measurements differ from BMR.

TMR is the Total Metabolic Rate is cumulative energy. It is the energy required to make necessary body functions. It includes everything from a regular walk or going for a grocery run. A little activity can increase the metabolic rate for several hours.

Are BMR Calculators Reliable?

BMR Calculator calculates the BMR of a person as per the required inputs. But it must be counted as reliable and fair since the BMR calculator does not consider important factors like stress, intake of caffeine, and nutrition levels. The BMR Calculator gives a basic calculation of BMR value without any hormonal or physical condition or other information.
So the BMR Calculator takes the basic factors and calculates the actual BMR. 
To get a correct BMR, it is advised to see a nutrition expert. Even fitness studios sometimes run tests designed on a special calorimetry device.

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