BMR Calculator: How to use BMR to Lose Weight?

BMR Calculator: How to use BMR to Lose Weight? provides a reliable BMR calculator that can assist you in determining the number of calories you should consume each day. By using the BMR calculator, you can effectively manage your calorie intake and work towards achieving your weight loss goals, particularly targeting the reduction of belly fat.

The BMR is not a diet tool but can help track the calories you should consume. So how many calories will stop you from binge eating and feeling lethargic if you consume fewer calories? Hence many diets fail because of this issue. Because you don't want to lose weight by starving, let's learn how to count calories.

To lose weight using BMR 

  • Calculate the BMR. It will determine how many calories should be consumed each day. 
  • How many calories should you eat as per the need of your body? So you can deduct all the binge calories or Extra calories from your diet to reach your goal.

The number of BMR should be between the BMR value and the number of calories needed to maintain the current Weight.

Suppose a man needs 2500 calories to maintain his Weight. A woman needs around 2000 calories. But everyone is different, so calculating as per your speculations will have different results. Hence there Will be accurate results for your body.

Now as you are looking to lose Weight. But if you are someone who is active or goes to the gym. You won't need to cut down on many calories from your diet. If compared to someone with a sedentary life and no activity.

Hence the BMR calculator comes in handy. So input all these values in the calculator to determine the calories you should consume each day. Now from this, you can deduct around 400-500 calories. It will enhance sustainable weight loss.

One should aim to lose around 0.5 -1kg in two weeks or a month. It should be done healthily. Most people require at least 1000 calories to maintain and sustain their daily activities. Hence never opt for restrictive or crash diets Because they give results but are unhealthy.

So always take a minimum of the required calories from the BMR calculator. It will help you lose weight and determine the calorie requirement, so you do not surpass it.


The BMR Calculator is a good way of understanding the number of Calories the body needs to maintain its Weight.

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