Body Surface Area Calculator | Quick And User-friendly Tool To Know Your Body Surface Area

Body Surface Area Calculator | Quick And User-friendly Tool To Know Your Body Surface Area

Discover Your Body Surface Area with's Easy-to-Use Calculator

Welcome to, your go-to source for a wide range of helpful calculators. With our Body Surface Area Calculator, you can quickly and easily determine your body surface area. Simply input your measurements, and our user-friendly tool will provide you with accurate results in no time. Calculate your body surface area today with and gain valuable insights into your health and well-being.

Are there any main formulas for BSA?

Several formulas can be used to calculate the BSA. Here are a few different ones:

Mosteller Formula: As stated below, BSA is calculated by multiplying the height in cm by the weight in kilograms, dividing this figure by 3600, and then taking the square root to figure out the height in cm:

BSA = [(W x H)/ 3600] 0.5

Du Bois formula: A person's weight multiplied by 0.425, height multiplied by 0.725, and 0.007184 results:

BSA = 0.007184 × W0.425 × H0.725.

Haycock formula: A person's weight multiplied by 0.5378, his height multiplied by 0.3964, and his 0.024265 is the answer:

BSA = 0.024265 × W0.5378 × H0.3964

Gehan and George formula: In other words, it is the product of the weight and height of the person multiplied by 0.51456, i.e.,

BSA = 0.0235 × W0.51456 × H0.42246

Boyd formula: The calculation is as follows:

BSA = 0.03330 × W (0.6157 - 0.0188 × log10(W) × H0.3

Fujimoto formula: Using the power 0.444 to raise the weight and increase the height, we get the following value:

BSA = 0.008883 × W0.444 × H0.663

Takahira formula: The calculation is as follows:

BSA = 0.007241 × W0.425 × H0.725

Schlich formula: Women and men use different equations for the BSA:

  • Women: BSA = 0.000975482 × W0.46 × H1.08
  • Men: BSA = 0.000579479 × W0.38 × H1.24

How is a normal BSA defined?

Regarding Body Surface Area (BSA), normal BSA is typically 1.7 m² because a person's BSA is influenced by more than just their weight and height. Age and gender also play a role in determining BSA.

  • For adult men is 1.9 m²
  • For adult women is 1.6 m²
  • For children (9 years) is 1.07 m²
  • For children (10 years is 1.14 m²
  • For children (12-13 years): 1.33 m²

BSA Calculators - what are they?

Calculating Your Body Surface Area (BSA) in square meters is easy with the BSA calculator. As an accurate measure of metabolism, BSA is also a valuable tool in medicine and physiology since it is a measure of metabolism that is more accurate than body weight. Therefore, the BSA formula is widely used by doctors when writing prescriptions. Even though body fat is not metabolically active, we can estimate metabolic mass by fat-free mass. Since BSA is more accurate than body weight in predicting metabolic mass, it is often used in clinical settings. There are several therapeutic uses for BSA, including calculating cardiac indexes (measures of how well a person's heart performs relative to how big their body is) and chemotherapy dosages. There are arguments against calculating dosages for medications with a limited therapeutic index using a patient's BSA, even though it is commonly used to estimate chemotherapy treatment

What is the importance of the surface area in the digestive system?

Food particles must have a larger surface area due to chemical and mechanical digestion to allow enzymes to function properly. An enzyme is involved in breaking down complex food compounds into smaller compounds, such as amino acids, sugar, or other vitamins and minerals. In the digestive system, the enzymes react efficiently and facilitate the absorption of the food particles when broken down into smaller particles. It is, therefore, important for digestion to have a high surface area for food components. The small intestine has microvilli, which are finger-like structures that help increase the surface area for proper digestion, as well as other features of the digestive system that will help increase the surface area.

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