Body Type Calculator: Changes In Body With Age And Losing Weight? Zero Figure Trend

Body Type Calculator: Changes In Body With Age And Losing Weight? Zero Figure Trend

Understanding Women's Body Changes with Age: Explore's Body Type Calculator, the ultimate destination for all your calculation needs. With our comprehensive range of calculators, including the Body Type Calculator, we can help you understand how a woman's body changes with age. The hormones in a female's body, which can be determined using the Body Type Calculator, play a significant role in altering her body shape. This transformation typically begins during puberty.

Usually, prepubescent boys and girls have a similar hip and waist ratio. After puberty, a large amount of estrogen is produced in a female's body, and it causes the breast and hips to widen. 

The Estrogen hormone is mostly stored in the hips, thighs and buttocks. The other time a female's body changes is during Pregnancy. Here again, a large amount of estrogen is produced by the body. It causes the breast to enlarge and is also reversed after pregnancy.

After menopause, a woman's body changes again as estrogen levels fall. It causes the breast to shrink, and fat is redistributed in the waist and hips.

So yes, a Woman's Body changes with every phase of her life.

Will the body shape change if a female loses weight?

Naturally, a woman's body shape changes when she loses weight. A female's fat is usually stored in the hips, buttocks and thighs. It is because estrogen levels are highly present in the body. However, if a female loses weight by exercising or due to any health condition. These areas will become slim. However, for a male, the fat is stored in the stomach. Hence, losing weight will ultimately change a male's or female's body type. It works for both.

Why is Zero Figure Trending?

In the US, a zero figure, or size zero, as per fashion standards, is trendy. It is a clothing size in America. In a zero size, the bust, waist, and hip measurements range from 30-22-32 to 36-28-36. The same can be written as 76 58 61 cm and 90 71.5 90 cm.
It usually depends on the style of the clothes one wants to wear. Earlier, a size eight in 1958 was considered a size zero. It was due to vanity sizing. Mostly size zero is often associated with Anorexia. It is always advisable for anyone who feels they are underweight. It is better to consult a doctor for proper guidance. Size zero is usually preferred only in the Fashion and modelling industry to wear the Swisher outfits on the ramp.


Body Type Calculator can determine the body type to choose the right outfit. However, the calculator can also give basic guidelines on altering body shape by losing or gaining weight to try another outfit.

Explore the fascinating journey of body changes with age and weight loss trends.'s Body Type Calculator offers valuable insights, empowering you to embrace transformations and enhance body awareness.

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