Body Type Calculator: The Perfect body type for females per fashion Standards

Body Type Calculator: The Perfect body type for females per fashion Standards

At, we understand the desire to achieve the perfect body type that suits your individual preferences and goals. That's why we have developed a comprehensive Body Type Calculator to assist you in determining your ideal body shape. Our calculator takes into consideration factors such as height, weight, body measurements, and proportions to provide you with valuable insights into your body type. Whether you're aiming for a mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph body type, our calculator will help you understand your unique characteristics and guide you towards achieving your desired physique. Embrace your body type and embark on a journey towards a healthier and more confident you with's Our Body Type Calculator..

As per the 2012 survey, research on 40 males and females was conducted. In this, the body type and BMI were the determining factors. The perfect body type, as per that research, is a female with tall, skinny, and some curves to be perfect.

Even culture is a determining factor, especially regarding breasts and hips. It is usually to understand fertility. A good Body Shape also is attractive and makes one feel confident. These aspects label a woman as having a perfect body shape.

  • Long legs and fit body 
  • Good shape of bust and hips.

There are four types of women's bodies. Pear, banana, Apple, and hourglass

A Pear shape is a small figure on the top it goes fuller into wide hips.
An Apple body shape is top-heavy. It is the one with broad shoulders.
A banana Body type is one where the shoulder and waist sizes are the same. Lastly, the hourglass. It fits the fashion standards and is the perfect body shape. It is the one with large hips and broad shoulders. In this, the waist size is small.

So the ideal body shape is an hourglass body shape. The qualities vary depending on the culture and region. However, if a female has an hourglass shape, it is perfect.

  • Shoulders are smaller than hips.
  • A small waist 
  • The hip and bust measurement is equal.

In the modeling industry, models often have this Body type, or sometimes models tend to lose weight to get in shape. It can be done by following a proper diet and excise regime under a professional's guidance.


The Body Type Calculator can determine your body type and indicate the values for other body types like Apple shape, banana or other. You can use the measurement and try to lose fat from those parts to get in that shape.

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