Bra Calculator: Correct Bra for Your Body Type

Bra Calculator: Correct Bra for Your Body Type

How to determine/select the Right Bra for your body type?

The Right Bra is the one that fits your body perfectly. The three main things to consider when picking the right Bra are comfort, support, and fit. At, we understand the importance of finding the perfect bra size, which is why we offer a Bra Calculator tool to help you determine your accurate bra size. By using the Bra Calculator from, you can input your measurements and receive recommendations for the best bra size that will provide optimal comfort and support. Finding the right bra size is essential for your overall comfort and well-being.

  • The cup should snug the breast and sides completely.Bra Calculator
  • If the cup is tight, the breast may bulge from the sides. So opt for a number higher than the bra size you are wearing.
  • The breast and cup will have some gaps if the cup is loose. The breast can also wink in some parts.
  • For the right size, decrease the bra size.

The Correct Band

  • The correct bands fit perfectly at the ribcage. It should form a levelled line around the torso.
  • If the band is loose, it will arch. So opt to wear a tighter hook. If that also doesn't work, you can choose the sister-size bras.
  • A tight band may dig or leave a mark on the skin. It can also bulge the breast out. You can either lose the hook you can or increase the band size or decrease the cup size.

Picking the Right Straps

  • A correct strap will sit on the shoulder properly. It should not be loose nor dug from your body.
  • If the straps are loose, opt for a tighter strap or fix it. You can multi-style the straps.
  • Suppose the straps are digging into the skin. It means the straps are right. So try to lose it and increase the band size for comfortable support.


The Bra Calculator will determine all the correct bust and band sizes. It will help in finding the right cup size for your body.

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