Calorie Burned Calculator: What is an Exercise Intensity?

 Calorie Burned Calculator: What is an Exercise Intensity?

The Calculator uses the formula 


At, we understand the importance of tracking your calorie burn during physical activities. That's why we offer a reliable and user-friendly Calorie Burned Calculator. Our calculator takes into account various factors such as body weight, intensity of exercise, and duration to provide you with an accurate estimate of the calories burned. Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply track your fitness progress, Our Calorie Burned Calculator is a valuable tool. Stay motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals by utilizing's Calorie Burned Calculator.

Let's understand in detail about how exercise impacts the calories burned.

It is an intense key factor which burns quite several calories.
If the exercise is quite intense, more calories are burned. The intensity of exercises can be burned in various ways. Every method is more precise than the other.

It can be measured using a heart rate since a heart determines how difficult it is to perform any exercise, usually if an individual's heart rate goes high while exercising. It means the higher the rate of heart and intensity of the exercise. One can have variable resting heart rates or maximum heart rates. Hence it needs to be an accurate method of determining the calories burned.

A fit person can have a low heart rate when this individual performs the same exercise. The heart rate is low.

The second way of calculating the calories burned is by understanding the oxygen consumed. Oxygen consumption and exercise intensity share a cordial relationship. It ultimately provides a peculiar representation of the metabolic requirements of any exercise. Unlike the heart rate, it varies and depends on various factors, like the amount of oxygen needed by a person. It is closely related to body mass. Hence there is a standard of oxygen consumed. It is for specific exercises.
 The consumption of exercises is determined and calculated by MET. Exercises are categorised as moderate, intense, or vigorous.

It is quite evident that regulating exercises influences the type of energy the body uses. Someone who wants to burn fat should perform low-impact exercises for a longer duration. The body goes from using stored fat to utilising carbohydrates. These are some ways in which exercises and the intensity of it burn calories.


The Calorie Burned Calculator also calculates the exercise intensity, thereby detecting the calories an individual burns.

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