Carb Calculator: Simple and Complex Carbs and more

Carb Calculator: Simple and Complex Carbs and more is the perfect destination for all your nutrition needs. With our comprehensive Carbohydrate Calculator, you can easily determine the amounts of simple and complex carbs in your meals and plan a balanced diet accordingly.

What are Simple and Complex Carbs?

Carbohydrates are a form of macronutrients like proteins and fats. It is available in different forms like starch, sugar, and fibre. So these are present in potatoes, milk, and pasta.

Simple carbs are monosaccharides and disaccharides. Their chemical structure is simple. They are very easy to digest. Although it provides much energy again, they are used by the body very fast, and hence you feel hungry soon. Some sources of simple carbohydrates are white bread, pasta, sugar, and cookies. Even white sugar can be consumed separately in sweet drinks and milkshakes. Even for some desert, white sugar is added during preparation. At the same time, baking cake or cookies, sugar can be added during preparation.

Complex carbs are polysaccharides. These are more complicated. The uncomplicated chains of sugar molecules are complex carbs. These are healthy carbs that tend to keep you full for longer. Foods that contain starch-containing carbs are potatoes and grains. Other forms of complex carbs are carrots, legumes, beans, and peas.

What is Simple Sugar?

As per the medical institution, it is crucial to intake carbs between 45-60%. It limits the simple sugar. It is also recommended to stay within 10% of the total calories needed to intake for the day.

The reason why these carbs are bad is because of the high glycemic index. It breaks faster and mixes with blood sugar. It enters the blood quite rapidly. It can increase the blood sugar level, which is not healthy.

Limiting sugar intake is related to two health risks.

The health issues are:
Two types of diabetes are obesity and cardiovascular diseases. 


Carb Calculator is used to determine the average carb need of a person. As per research and ideally, the moderate carb that should be consumed is 130 Grams. However, due to different medical conditions, the activity level of the carbs need for every person varies. It can be determined using our carb calculator.Navigate the world of simple and complex carbs with ease using the Carb Calculator from, empowering you to make informed dietary choices and improve your well-being

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