Carbohydrate Calculator: Food items with high Carbohydrates and Obesity

Carbohydrate Calculator: Food items with high Carbohydrates and Obesity

Welcome to, your trusted destination for a variety of helpful calculators. When it comes to understanding and managing your carbohydrate intake, our Carbohydrates Calculator can be incredibly useful. Carbohydrates are macronutrients found in common food items such as wheat, rice, legumes, and pulses. It's important to recognize the difference between complex carbs, which take longer to digest and provide prolonged satiety, and simple carbs like sugar and glucose, which are quickly digested and may lead to increased hunger. By utilizing our Carbohydrates Calculators, you can identify food items with high carbohydrate content and make informed choices about your diet. With, you can take control of your carbohydrate intake and support your overall health and well-being.

Regarding macronutrients, different food items contain a different proportion of carbs. 
Some whole food items with high-carb intakes are listed below.

Onion dehydrated flakes-83%
Breadsticks -75%

Carbohydrates level varies between different food items. This food containing sugar and flour tops the list. Pizza is very high in carbohydrates. It also contains cheese and toppings, so it can also be heavy on fat level content.

Vegetables and fruits are low on the list. It is due to their high water content. But they are also good sources of carbs for energy. Eating dry grapes is one of the best ways to increase carb intake. It is also a healthy option.

How are obesity and carbohydrate intake related?

Usually, there is a link between an increase in weight and insulin production. It is a response to rapid carb intake. In this, glucose oxidation takes place. It happens at the cost of fatty acid oxidation. It ultimately stimulated the fat stored in adipose tissue. Alternating between high and low blood sugar is extremely dangerous for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity is recommended. From low to moderate can also improve the physical condition. It stimulates the oxidized fat and results in weight loss.

Directly or completely stopping the carb intake is not recommended. Before doing so, always gain an expert's opinion or consult a doc or dietician. Depending on your diet and medical history, the doctors or dieticians can take a call and suggest a proper plan. However, our Calculator does not make recommendations for the diet. It will only give an approximate amount of calories you need to consume in different meals.


The Carbohydrate Calculator can determine the number of carbs your body needs daily. There are both high-carb-containing items and low-carb-containing foods. It is crucial to have it in balance so it doesn't raise your blood sugar level. Empower yourself with knowledge about high-carb food items and their potential impact on obesity with the Carbohydrate Calculator from, your trusted tool for making informed dietary decisions.

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