Credit Card Calculator: APR, Cash Advance and more

Credit Card Calculator: APR, Cash Advance and more

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What is an APR?

Credit Cards are of various types. The cards also have different interest rates and APR.
Some credit cards have a fixed percentage rate on the card. These APRs are fixed or variable. If the card has a variable APR, it is based on specific indexes.
Some credit cards are specially designed. Some are advertised as having a zero or introductory percentage rate.
The Credit Cards, apart from the percentage and Interest, also have an additional charge. APR is the Annual Percentage Rate as the additional charge of the Credit cards.

What are Cash Advances?

Withdrawing Cash from Credit amount is quite possible. It is possible to have or withdraw cash from the credit card balance. It is called Cash Advances. These Cash Advances also have a high APR. However, it has no grace period because the Interest is contributed or accumulated simultaneously.
Cash advances don't count as any rewards. There is a cash advance fee.
Apart from that, even Different ATMs used for different credit cards will charge a fee.
Usually, Cash Advances could be more profitable for the person trying to get them. Cash Advances must be saved for emergencies only.
Cash Advances make it possible to withdraw credit in the physical state.

What is the discount on all purchases and the Purchase Protection difference?

Credit cards usually come with certain perks. Of the perks, purchase protection and discount on all purchases are two. But they differ from each other.
Discount on all Purchases is where credit cards offer 1 or 2 percent cashback. Suppose a person pays the utility bills or grocery amount. They usually tend to get a cashback or discount.
Assume a person has monthly expenses of $3000. So by using the 2 percent discount. He saves $720 a year by using it.

Now let's understand what Purchase Protection is.

Every Credit card offers some purchase protection. These are offered to protect the owner from making irrelevant purchases of transactions.
The type of purchase protection varies as per the Credit Card. Some purchases must be made on some credit score, so that purchase protection is available.

These are some examples of Purchase Protection.

  • Re-pricing of items that are dropped in prices only for the credit owner.
  • Extension of warranty offered by the manufacturers. It is often extended for a year or two.
  • These items should be brand new, and the manufacturer should offer a guarantee of 12 months.
  • No holder liability on purchased items that are damaged, lost or stolen.

These are some examples of Purchase Protection. So the terms Purchase Protection, and Discount on all Purchase differ as mentioned above.


Credit Card Calculator considers all the above-mentioned factors, like APR and Cash Advance, for a proper calculation.

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