Customize Your Workouts With Our Body Type Calculator

Customize Your Workouts With Our Body Type Calculator Body Type Calculator is the ultimate tool for customizing your workouts based on your unique body shape and type. It provides personalized recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively. By understanding your body's specific needs, you can tailor your daily workouts and maximize your results. With Body Type Calculator, you can embark on a fitness journey that is perfectly tailored to you.

An online Body type calculator for males and females facilitates you to figure out the waist-to-hip and body shape ratios using measurements like high hip, hip, waist, and chest size in females. It helps you to figure out the body size and type and then modify your workouts accordingly. 

Our body type is genetic, which does not imply that we're restricted to a certain Fitness scale. Acquiring a slim figure may not be possible if you tend towards narrow and straight fitness shapes. There are various ways to turn up the body shape and attain a healthy fitness physique without hassle. 

What are the main three body types? 

An overview of the body types tells the composition and shape of the human body. It divides the core features into three main categories, called the three somatotypes. Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Ectomorph are the three body types that help you boost muscle and accumulate more fat around the chest area. 

Using our body type calculator helps you to estimate the weight of your body you carry as of now. If you're interested to know the idea behind these body types, you've reached the right page where you'll get a deep insight into these three Body types.


The body type of mesomorph enables you to put on muscle very easily. By doing this workout, you can have broad shoulders, a narrower waist, and strong legs. The individuals have a very low fat using this workout and are considered not to be underweight or overweight. It helps you:

  • Mix strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to maintain your muscular build and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Do compound exercises and lift heavy weights using the body type calculator. Adjust your diet based on your goals, whether gaining muscle mass or maintaining your current weight.


The Body type of endomorph is pear-shaped and round, accumulating more fat all through the body, particularly in the arms and legs. It is much trickier to work out endomorph to put on muscle and simpler to boost weight. It helps you: 

  • Focus on low-impact cardiovascular exercises, such as walking or cycling, to burn calories and lose body fat.
  • Incorporate strength training to maintain muscle mass using a body type calculator. 
  • Follow a healthy diet emphasizing whole, nutrient-dense foods and limiting processed foods and sugars.


The Ectomorph workout is applied on a very thin body. It has very low body fat, thin arms and legs, thin shoulders, and narrow hips. The ectomorph folks may say, 'It doesn't matter how much I consume; I can't put on extra weight. Using a body type calculator, it helps you to:

  • Focus on heavy weightlifting and compound exercises, such as squats and deadlifts.
  • Aim to eat a Calorie surplus to fuel muscle growth.
  • Limit cardio to avoid burning too many calories and hindering muscle growth.

Customizing your workouts with a body type calculator is important to attain fitness goals. At, you'll find a handy tool that helps you determine your body type and provides customized workout plans and exercise guides to help you reach your full potential.

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