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Time Duration Calculator

Calculates the duration between two dates using either elapsed time or clock time. The calculator is compatible with both 12-hour and 24-hour time-of-day formats. Time durations spanning midnight are handled correctly by the calculator. Moreover, this article explains how to calculate time durations manually so that you can become familiar with the maths behind the calculator.

Time Duration Calculator

How do you define time?

In our universe, time is the fourth dimension, along with length, width, and height, which are the other three spatial dimensions. Time exists so that everything does not happen at once. We need time to have a particularly exciting universe. Time separates events and determines cause and effect, so do we have time sorted? Not at all. Even today, philosophers and physicists debate how time behaves and how it may be defined. In our case, we can calculate our time duration calculator without knowing exactly what time it is if we measure two times in a similar inertial frame of reference.

How does the time duration calculator work?

Using the + operator, you can use our Time Duration Calculator to figure out the span of future events or the time between two points in time by using the + operator. It works by simply entering a start time, available in days, hours, minutes, and seconds, and choosing the operation you wish to perform, whether addition or subtraction, followed by a time in the end. The calculator will automatically calculate the difference in time between the two schedules you have entered based on the number of days, hours, minutes, or seconds you have entered. You can also enter the time in days, hours, minutes, or seconds. In addition to days, hours, minutes, and seconds, the results will also be provided in minutes.

How to calculate the time difference manually?

Below are the steps to manually calculate the time difference if you prefer to utilize the math method:

  • Make it easier to calculate by using the 24-hour format. If necessary, add 12 to all pm hours.
  • If your end times are higher than your start times, subtract an hour from the end times and add 60 minutes to the end times.
  • Add up the start and end times.
  • From end to beginning, subtract the hours.
  • To get the answer, add up the hours and minutes.

Elapsed Calculator

Usually, elapsed time measures how long it takes between two events. For example, waking up at 6 am and going to bed at 10 pm will take 8 hours.

What does the elapsed time calculator do?

The elapsed time calculator is the first section located at the top of the calculator. You can enter start and end times and see the duration between them. It is possible to enter times in hours, minutes, and seconds by default, but you can choose another time unit if you click on the unit’s button. The calculator must allow you to enter any number of times (so long as the end elapsed time exceeds the start elapsed time), and there is no restriction on how you format the 12-hour or 24-hour time.

The clock time calculator: how does it work?

This calculator also contains a clock time calculator that helps determine how long it will take Within 24 hours or overnight. There are two kinds of clock time duration calculators: the 12-hour format (the one we use in everyday life) and the 24-hour format (such as when booking a flight). You can use the clock time duration calculator in two ways:

  • The time format can be set to 12 hours or 24 hours.

  • In the 12-hour clock, select either am (in the morning) or pm (afternoon/evening), depending on the time of day you use.

  • The calculator can calculate the time between 8 pm and 5 am the following morning or between one day and the next day.

  • Click on the units to display a dropdown menu if you want to view the result in another time unit (e.g., only in seconds).

With AllCalculator.net's Time Calculator, you easily calculate the duration between two points, whether elapsed time or clock time. Customize the time format and units to get accurate results for your calculations.


Q: Is leap year included in the calculator?

A: Yes, Leap years are considered by all the calculators.

Q: How does the calculator handle change in Daylight Saving Time (DST)?

A: No, DST changes are not considered by this calculator.

Q: Can you tell me why the date fields are arranged incorrectly?

A: By selecting a different Short Date format in My Units, you can reorder the Day, Month, and Year fields.

Q: Can I edit my calculation?

A: Editing a calculation is as easy as scrolling up to the top, making changes, and calculating again.