Electricity Calculator: How Much Does A Fan Heater Cost Per Hour?

Electricity Calculator: How Much Does A Fan Heater Cost Per Hour?

Allcalculator.net offers a comprehensive Electricity Calculator to help you determine the cost of running a fan heater for one hour.

House owners looking for alternatives for central heating may wonder how much it costs to run a fan heater amidst the alternating Energy costs.

Heaters are not an Inbuilt system of a house. But they are considered as hugely energy insufficient. But the actual coat depends on how, when and where you use them.

 Here is everything you need to understand about the cost per hour of a fan heater.

It completely depends on the wattage of the fan. But a 500-watt portable heater would cost approx 17p per hour. In comparison to a 2000-watt heater, it would cost 68p per hour. It is dependent on the energy costing 34p per kWh.

Always be ready for the fluctuation in Electricity unit prices.

To calculate the ac, how much would a fan heater cost every hour?

For example.

A fan heater of 500 watts costs 17p per hour to run in the 34p per kWh.

So if 500/1000 = 0.5, 

then 0.5 x 0.34 = 0.17.

In comparison, a fan heater: 2000/1000=2 

2×0.34= 0.68 

To understand how much it would cost for a fan heater to heat the room. It would depend on various factors that are:

The type of house you live in and the insulation of the house.

  • Size of the room 
  • Energy provides.
  • Duration of the time the fan heater will be used.
  • Outside weather.


The Electricity calculator can compute the details like the fan heater usage per hour within seconds. Input the required correct details, and the Electricity will display the correct results.

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