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FHA loan Calculator: FHA Loans, Prepayments, Home Affordability, and more

What is an FHA Loan?

The mortgages insured by Federal Housing Administration are FHA loans. The Federal Housing Administration is the biggest mortgage insurer in the world. It was established in 1934, post the Great Depression. The main mission of the FHA is to create more house owners. Hence the famous FHA loans come from the extension it gives to increase the mortgage loans. It is because people are trying to purchase a house. The FHA doesn't give money. It only lends insurance.

FHA Loan Calculator

What is a mortgage Insurance Premium?

The FHA charges an additional amount on the loans. It is a single mortgage insurance premium. These premiums from borrowers are important. It protects lenders from any loss if there is a default on a loan. The MIP for all loan amounts is 1.75%. It can be added directly to mortgage loans. However, the annual MIP differs due to loan amount, loan duration, and the loan ratio to value. These reasons could increase the MIP value annually.

Now that we know what is an FHA loan. Let's understand how beneficial it is. Also, we will discuss the cons of it in depth. First, let's take a look at the Perks.

  • It does not have any requirement for a large down Payment. Usually, FHA needs a down payment of at least 3.5%. It is one of the most contributing factors to FHA loans. There is a scope for owning a home for less qualified individuals.
  • FHA loans do not require any high credit scores. The FHA loans are approved for people with a credit score of 580 and below.
  • There is no prepayment or penalty for FHA Loans.
  • There is no expectation or limit as to the income of a person to tick any boxes. The Borrower should ensure he will repay the loan with any proof or bills of previously cleared loans. Hence even if a person has a relatively low income, he qualifies for an FHA loan.
  • Sometimes, FHA loan borrowers can spend 57% of their salary on monthly debts. It is considered high in comparison to the debt and income ratio.

There are beneficial incentives for borrowers and some mortgage lenders. It is an entity federally held by tax dollars. FHA loans ensure to take over any other loan payments if there is a default by the Borrower's side.

The Cons of FHA loans

Even though FHA loans have many benefits, there is a reason why it is not a universal method for mortgage Loans.

  • The MIP and the following payments are the major reason for the expensive FHA loan. It is expensive compared to conventional loans. The FHA is not canceled once 20%of the home equity is met. Hence it is the most expensive and crucial cost. The insurance of FHA is also avoidable without clearing the whole debt.
  • FHA hands out smaller loans. So people who need more expensive loans should look at conventional loans.
  • Borrowers with good credit scores get a better rate than conventional loans.
  • Limitation to certain properties only qualifies for FHA loans. It should meet basic requirements like health and safety.
  • Potential buyers who finance through an FHA loan may need to be on better terms with sellers. In comparison to conventional mortgage loans, FHA loans have blunt generalizations. It comes with low incomes.

In any financial or loan-related decision, it is very important to consider and calculate all the options. Now FHA loans may be feasible, but conventional loans could benefit some. So it is dicey as to which option works best for the Borrower. Sometimes when the down payment is below 20% or if the Borrower has a good credit score.

How to understand Home affordability?

There is a special guideline by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The debt-to-salary ratios and formulas are used to calculate the Risk. The Risk is for each potential household that borrows the FHA loans.

The FHA loans have conditions with the debt/ income ratio. Essentially FHA was established to cut the Risk inherent in giving out various loans. It is because the loans could default at any time.

Some exceptions are still made for the borrowers. Borrowers who cannot contribute to 31% and 43%backend ratio. However, the HUD gives mortgage lenders some amount on terms if the Borrower provides evidence. The list of some evidence that could compensate is listed below. Even if one of the following list requirements is met, the Borrower qualifies for the HUD.

  • A huge number is a Down Payment. Not below 3.5%, and FHA loan borrowers take benefits of
  • The Borrower should show mortgage payments that are done timely. The amount should be more than the loan applied for or the same.
  • A good credit score is mandatory.
  • A proof of saving amount in any form.

Why is Prepayment Important?

Although it has no penalty for FHA loans, in terms of finance, it works as a substitute for additional payments with FHA loans. It is recommended only when such financial situations arise. The option is available in the more section of the Calculator. Suppose there is any extra payment monthly or yearly. One can calculate to see the duration of the loan it cuts short.

The FHA 203K Loan

It is a loan that permits borrowers to finance the purchase and any renovation charges. So, a borrower is allowed to buy and refinance the house. It needs more money to get the renovation costs added to the Mortgage.

The FHA 203K loan and the FHA loan have many similarities. The similarities are the qualification needed for the loan, relatively high insurance payments, and an ongoing charge.

The renovation needs to be completed within six months. The loan amount of an FHA is transferable. It can be paid to constructors after the renovation is complete. The minimum amount limit is $5000, while the maximum can be fixed by talking and discussing with the FHA. The difference is maximum limit is dependent on a person's region. It is the same as FHA loans to people purchasing a house that needs to be decked up. The fund can also be utilized for temporary housing conditions which need improvements. It is made every six months.

There is a small version of FHA 203( named the Streamlined FHA 203K. It is designed for smaller borrowing amounts and is processed much more easily.

How does the FHA Loan Calculator work?

In the FHA Loan Calculator, add the following values concerning its input.

Price of Home:

Down Payment:

Duration of Loan:

Rate of Interest:

UpFront MIP:

Annual MIP:

Yearly FHA MIP Duration:

The other options to consider are

Taxes on Property:

House Insurance:

HOA fees:

Additional Cost:

Starting Date:

After this, the Calculator allows one to input any additional values of Annual Taxes and Extra Payments. The Borrower can add the value per his needs and then calculate the FHA amount using the FHA Calculator.


The FHA loan, which the Government approves, has a low downpayment and needs to meet no Credit Score. Our FHA Loan Calculator easily calculates it.

The FHA Loan Calculator from AllCalculator.net simplifies the process of calculating mortgage payments, allowing you to input key factors such as home price, down payment, loan duration, interest rate, and additional costs to get accurate results and make informed decisions about your FHA loan.


What is a Down Payment?

While purchasing a house, a down payment is needed. As per the FHA condition, a low down payment of 3.5% should be paid. Sometimes, the FHA loans don't ask for a huge down payment.

What is Mortgage Escrow?

The Lender is paid taxes and house insurance every month. It is paid with the mortgage payment. These taxes and insurance fall into escrow accounts. It becomes due until the Lender pays it to the right agency.

How does the FHA Loan process?

Federal Housing Administration backs FHA loans. The agency is a part of the Department of House and Urban Development. It uses the FHA mortgage program to make house ownership more accessible. The FHA makes it easy by reducing the upfront barrier. Along with reduced Payment and down Payment, and no requirement for credit score makes a borrower qualified for the FHA loan.

What If the 20 percent is put down on an FHA loan?

The FHA loan only accepts mortgage insurance if the 20 percent is cut down. The homeowners of FHA are required to pay mortgage insurance along with the Down Payment. If 10 percent is put down, only 11 years will be taken to pay back the amount, so if a person has 20 percent down and a credit score of 620. Then it is better to opt for a conventional loan. It doesn't require any PMI.

What factors are included in the FHA Calculator?

The FHA Calculator considers down Payment, ROI, Upfront MIP, Annual MIP, Duration of FHA loan, and other additional values as per the Borrower's need to determine the values to calculate the FHA loan.