Find the Perfect Workout Plan with Our Body Type Calculator

Find the Perfect Workout Plan with Our Body Type Calculator

Discover Your Ideal Workout Plan with's Body Type Calculator is here to help you find the perfect workout plan with our Body Type Calculator. Understanding your body's needs is crucial for effective fitness progress.

How it is done

By understanding your body's inclinations, you can work with it rather than against it. You can then adjust your diet and exercise routine to suit your needs and make realistic goals to increase your chances of success.

Body Type Calculator

In the Body Type calculator, input your  bust size, waist size, high hip size, and hip size either in inches or cm and then press calculate; you will get your desired size based on the input given. Based on the results you get, you can frame a workout plan that suits you the best based on the body type you have.

The best way to reduce body weight with the Body Type Calculator

Right training based on the body weight type will give good results. But, focusing solely on your nutrition is unlikely to help you achieve your ideal body. The exercise determines your muscle-to-fat ratio. It will define you and help you define and tone your muscles. Your body will tighten and tone up positively when you eat correctly and exercise wisely.


Ectomorphs are long and slender, with minimal muscle and body fat, and struggle to gain more weight.  
Fashion models and players are some examples.

Workouts for Ectomorphs

People of this Body type have a high metabolic rate and a slender body type, making them unfit to gain extra muscle and fat. So the best way to gain weight is by hypertrophy and strength gain. People new to it must start with body weight and then move into resistance training with weights.

In an ideal world, you would take longer rest periods between sets and exercises to maximize your force production while lowering your caloric expenditure compared to high-intensity circuit training.

For most exercises, the set and rep ranges should be 8–12 reps for hypertrophy and 3–8 reps for strength improvement. The ideal number of total weekly sets for each major muscle group is under 20.


Mesomorphs are physically fit, sturdy, and powerful, and they eat whatever they want without having to worry about being overweight or underweight. Without making much effort, they both put on and lose weight.

Workout plans

Mesomorphs have more options when selecting their exercise regimens. Mesomorphs can complete exercises ranging from high-intensity interval training to powerlifting training. Mesomorphs can also engage in sport-specific training because they already have a solid basis.


Endomorphs have softer, curvier bodies. They may or may not be overweight, but they have broad bones, a wide waist, and hips. Their lower abdomen, thighs, and hips tend to hold most of their weight. Endomorphs typically have large amounts of body fat and muscle and are prone to weight gain.

Workout plans

Anaerobic cardio and resistance training should be the foundation of any training regimen. Before focusing on any particular end goals, it's crucial to establish a good cardiorespiratory level. Start with low to moderate-intensity cardio for 30 to an hour at least three times a week. This can involve using a stationary bike or a treadmill for exercise. Pushups, planks, and air squats are just a few examples of bodyweight exercises that should be added once the body has gotten used to some action. Body weight exercises should eventually lead to training using machines, free weights, or resistance bands.

Mixed body type

Most people fall on a spectrum with a dominant body type mixed with a few elements of another somatotype rather than directly into one body type classification. If you have a hybrid body type, for instance, a meso-ectomorph who can eat whatever they want to become a tall, muscular person, you can use this to your advantage.

The majority of people are certain mixtures of the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body types which we have discussed above. Using this Body Type Calculator, we can get to know what their exercise routine can be.

One can control their body outcomes based on what one eats and what one exercises, and for that, first get to know your body type and based on which you can follow your exercise regime.

By identifying your unique body type and tailoring your exercise routine accordingly, you can take control of your body's outcomes and optimize your Fitness Journey.

Our Body Type Calculator takes the guesswork out of fitness, providing personalized workout plans designed specifically for your body type. Start your transformative fitness journey today with

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