Find Your Ideal Body Type With Our Free Calculator

Find Your Ideal Body Type With Our Free Calculator Body Type Calculator is the ultimate tool for achieving your ideal body type. Whether you aspire for a lean physique or desire curves, our Body Type Calculator provides accurate insights into your body composition. By analyzing your current body type, it guides you on whether you should focus on weight loss or increase your calorie intake to attain your desired body type. With Body Type Calculator, you can take control of your fitness journey and work towards the body you've always wanted.

Body Type is a major talk in the fashion industry. As different models have different body types. Some of these can be the ideal body type for you. These are listed below for your understanding, as the body type is categorized in 4 different ways.

Inverted Triangle or Apple Body Type

Suppose you desire a body type with broad shoulders and a bust. At the same time, the hips and waist are shorter in comparison. It is an Apple or Inverted triangle. Girls who like to wear dresses that compliment their shoulders can find this to be their ideal body type.

Straight Banana or Rectangle Body Type

It is a Body type in which the waist is usually smaller than even 9 inches for girls who like to wear outfits that compliment their waist or wear crop tops. A banana or Rectangle is the ideal body type for some. The hips and bust are 9 inches smaller than the waist measurement. Hence making it a straight, Rectangle, or Banana Body Type.

Spoon, bell, or Triangle Body Type

It is the most common body type in females. In this body shape, the hip measurements are greater than the bust measurements. In such types, clothing that compliments the curves or hip area opt. It is a body type that females mostly obtain during and after pregnancy. It doesn't mean some girls don't have this Body type before Pregnancy. It is affected due to some health issues.

Hourglass or X Shape Body Type

It is the most common body type of model. It is the ideal body type for most girls, and even fashion standards describe the Hourglass body shape as ideal. In this body shape, the hip and bust measurements are equal or nearly equal. Simply a body type with a narrow waist. Most of the outfits and designer dresses go well with this body type. Hence it is stated as the ideal body type. Only 8 percent of ten females have this body type.


Body Type Calculator is the best to determine your ideal body type. The Calculator gives you a good range of all body types. If you are not around the type of body you want, then using the Calculator, you can make necessary changes in your diet or workout patterns to reach your desired or ideal body type. It is important to remember that the fat can be reduced, but the muscle or bone shape cannot be altered. 

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