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Body Surface Area Calculator

Body Surface Area Calculator - As you may be aware, BMI (Body Mass Index) measures your health, weight loss, and exercise results, but what is BSA (Body Surface Area)? How does BSA relate to weight loss and exercise, and why is it important? It is frequently used to calculate drug dosages and IV fluid administration based on Body Surface Area rather than Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures body fat mass. There have been a lot of BSA formulas over the last century. They all give slightly different results, so standardization has gotten tricky. Mosteller's formula, for example, is often used in clinical trials. The square root of the height multiplied by the weight multiplied by 3600 gives it BSA.

Body Surface Area Calculator

Medically speaking, the measurement of body surface area has many significant implications. For instance, it is used to assess and diagnose Vitiligo, a chronic skin condition associated with loss of pigmentation in patches. Topical therapies for Vitiligo can be used alone or in combination with other treatments, primarily phototherapy, when there is widespread involvement (>20% of body surface area). Similarly, body surface area is routinely calculated in cardiovascular medicine, and research has shown that it Identifies chronic heart failure patients at high risk of mortality. In chemotherapy dosing, BSA calculations are also used to provide individualized doses of chemotherapy to each patient based on their weight and height. Nonetheless, these conditions illustrate the importance of body surface area measurements in health and wellness assessments, even though it is not by any means an exhaustive list.

What is the difference between BSA & BMI?

Despite being frequently used in health care, BMI (body mass index) and BSA (body surface area) need more understanding. Though they provide similar information on body size, they provide very different results. How should we use each of these measures, and what do they reveal about our bodies?

BMI (Body Mass Index)

An individual's body mass index (BMI) is a method of determining their degree of overweight. BMI is an easy-to-measure body mass index correlated with percent body fat mass and is easy to calculate based on height and weight. This method gives a more accurate assessment of total body fat than body weight alone. Moreover, BMI can assist in determining a person's risk for illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, respiratory problems, and cancers. When measured by BMI alone, body fat may be underestimated in the elderly or in people who have lost muscle mass. On the other hand, it may be overestimated in athletes or individuals with a muscular build.

BMI Formula: You can calculate your BMI by taking your body weight (kg) and multiplying it by your height (m). BMI = weight (kg)/ height (m)2

BSA (Body Surface Area)

Using Body Surface Area Calculator, you can find out how much BSA you have in your body. As well as calculating the dosages of drugs and the number of fluids to be administered intravenously, the body surface area is measured or calculated for many medical purposes. BSA is better for determining metabolic mass than body weight as it does not have as much influence on adipose mass as body weight.

  • Boyd's Formula: BSA in square meters = 0.0003207 * (height in cm 0.3) * (weight in g (Y))
  • Dubois Formula: BSA in square meters = 0.20247 * (height in m 0.725) * (weight in kg 0.425)
  • Gehan George Formula: BSA in square meters = 0.0235 * (height in cm 0.42246) * (weight in kg 0.51456)
  • Haycock Formula: BSA in square meters = 0.024265 * (height in cm 0.3964) * (weight in kg 0.5378)
  • Mostellers Formula: BSA in square meters = SQRT ([Height in cm * Weight in kg] / 3600)

What is the use of body surface area?

  • Injury (burns) and skin disease (psoriasis) can be assessed using total body surface area (TBSA)
  • GFR (glomerular filtration rate) is measured by BSA based on renal function
  • The cardiac index measures how much blood the heart pumps each minute by dividing its cardiac output by BSA
  • A patient's BSA determines the dosage of chemotherapy
  • The BSA is used for expressing steroid dosing

Body Surface Area Calculator (BSA Calculator)

It is possible to calculate your body surface area (BSA) by using BSA calculator, which gives you the square meters of your body's external surface area. It is extremely useful in medicine and physiology to know how to calculate BSA since it is a more accurate measure of your metabolism than your body weight. This is why many doctors use the BSA formula to prescribe medicine. A scientist has established that the total length of your circulatory system would be twice as long if you were to stretch it out as the circumference of the planet, which is why it may be interesting to calculate your body's surface area. It is possible to calculate the BSA of your body, and we hope you find the calculation more interesting than morbid. We hope it is more interesting than morbid.

BSA is calculated using several formulas; however, an easier and error-free method of calculating BSA is to use an online tool. BSA Calculator has worked to design this online tool so people can get results quickly, rather than having to enter values into formulas to do so. We are proud to offer a quick and easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to determine an individual's height and weight. Your height and weight are all needed in the provided area in any unit, including inches, centimeters, feet, and meters. The results are generated by clicking on the Calculate button after setting your values. The results may be used for further evaluation by your physician to assess any risks affecting your health and recommend medication accordingly.

A method for calculating BSA

Use BSA calculator to calculate your body surface area. Once you enter your height and weight, the BSA calculator automatically calculates the surface area of your body. Look at the example below:

  • 60 kg weight
  • 170 cm in height

Based on these measurements, your body weight is approximately 1.69 kilograms per square meter. The average BSA values can be categorized by age and gender if you are going to calculate your BSA. Here are some average body surface areas:

  • 0.25 m2 for infants
  • Children under two years old: 0.5 m2
  • 10-year-old children: 1.14m2
  • 1.6m2 for women
  • 1.9m2 for men

How does BSA apply to various fields?

Clinical calculations such as cardio index or chemotherapy dosage are based on body surface area in the health and medical fields. BSA measurements are still a better alternative to determine infusion doses, especially when treating cancer through chemotherapy, even though some debates don't consider it a standard for dosage measurements. The following uses can be made of an accurate BSA:

  • Cancer patients are given chemotherapy doses based on BSA, according to NCBI
  • Based on the body surface area of a person, the BSA calculation determines the heart performance
  • It is recommended to administer glucocorticoids based on BSA calculations
  • An accurate BSA calculation is required for calculating the glomerular filtration rate
  • Organ transplantation often uses BSA results


The BSA calculator requires only your height and weight to determine the optimum Body Surface Area based on your height and weight. An easy-to-use interface makes it easy to use BSA calculator can provide extremely useful results if you determine drug dosage. A physician should be consulted regarding the maximum dosage rather than deciding it on one's own. The surface area of the human body is measured in square meters, and it differs from individual to individual, whether a man, woman, or child.

The Body Surface Area Calculator is a valuable tool for accurately determining your BSA based on height and weight, providing essential information for medical assessments, drug dosages, and treatments.


Q: What factors are considered when calculating body surface area?

A:'s BSA Calculator online calculators make it easy to calculate the BSA by converting centimeters to inches and kilograms to pounds based on the square root of height (cm) multiplied by the weight (kg).

Q: What does BSA have to do with calculating drugs?

A: BSA may help prescribers better calculate doses because BSA enables them to account for changes in pharmacokinetics that may occur with the patient's height, weight, and other factors.

Q: What is the importance of BSA?

A: Using the BSA, you can promote financial transparency and deter and detect people who use the U.S. financial system to launder money, finance terrorism, or otherwise violate the law. A BSA/AML compliance program is a requirement for every bank.

Q: Is there a normal range for BSA?

A: Generally, the average body surface area for adults is 1.7 m2; however, the body surface area differs from one's height and weight. Age and gender also influence body surface area, which is 1.9 m2 on average for adult men.