Fuel Cost Calculator | What Is The Cost Of The Trip?

Fuel Cost Calculator | What Is The Cost Of The Trip?

What do you need to know about fuel consumption?

Since fuel prices are increasing, drivers are becoming more aware of their car's fuel requirements. It is easy to determine how much fuel your car uses based on your circumstances (city or highway, road conditions, tire pressure, etc.), but the fuel your car consumes depends on your circumstances.

1. Calculating fuel consumption

  • Fuel consumption is calculated by dividing miles driven by gas consumed
  • Once your tank is full, reset your "trip odometer."
  • Before you buy gas, record the trip odometer miles
  • Fill up your car almost to the point of exhaustion
  • Keep track of your gas purchases in gallons
  • Calculate your car's fuel consumption by dividing mileage by fuel usage
  • With an example, you can practice calculating

2. Calculating average fuel consumption

  • Fuel consumption is influenced by how you drive.
  • Keep track of your average fuel consumption by recording multiple tanks of gas.
  • Once you have filled up your gas tank, set the trip odometer to zero
  • When you fill up your car, record the number of gallons you purchased
  • Over the next few weeks, drive normally
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks after filling up, make sure the tank is fully full
  • Make a total of the gallons you purchased
  • The total miles should be divided by the total gallons
  • The advertised mileage of your car may be inaccurate

3. Reducing Fuel consumption

  • Air conditioners should not be used.
  • Keep your speed within the limit
  • Defensive driving
  • For long, flat stretches, use the cruise control
  • Drive with your lights off in traffic
  • Carriers with rooftops should be avoided
  • Maintain proper tire inflation
  • Filter replacement is important

How to save fuel?

Here are a few tips for getting more miles per gallon and extending the range between tanks:

  • Before each trip, make sure your car is empty of unnecessary stuff
  • Heater seats are fuel-guzzlers. 
  • Whenever possible, use start/stop and cruise control to save fuel
  • Use public transport whenever possible, when it is cheaper, and walk on short journeys whenever possible
  • Make sure your tire pressure is within the recommended range by keeping up with your vehicle's servicing schedule

Is a Fuel Cost Calculator useful?

You will need to fill in several fields to give us a good estimate of what you will spend on fuel. Please complete the following fields:

  • If you choose miles or kilometres for fuel efficiency, the tool will assume you will travel or explore off the main path. Enter the distance you expect to travel in kilometres or miles.
  • You do not need to enter gallons or litres because the tool will calculate your fuel efficiency based on what you choose under fuel efficiency. If you enter gas cost (gal or l), the tool will use the amount you estimate to average each trip.
  • Choosing the "kilometers per liter" or "miles per gallon" rate for your vehicle is based on fuel efficiency. For the first choice, the output will be measured in kilometres and litres, while for the latter, it will be measured in miles and gallons.

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