Go Paperless With A Fraction Calculator While Tutoring Your Kids

Go Paperless With A Fraction Calculator While Tutoring Your Kids

Here we have a free online calculator called the Fraction Calculator available at Allcalculator.net that shows the arithmetic operation for a particular fraction. This calculator speeds up calculations and displays results in milliseconds and is an easy online tool to help your kids train in basic mathematics.

How to use a fraction calculator?

The following steps should be followed to use the Fraction calculator :

Step 1: Type the input fields with the appropriate fractions and mathematical operators.
Step 2: Press Click  
Step 3: The outcome of the fractional arithmetic operation will then be shown.

Using this fraction calculator, you can calculate

  • Fractions,
  • Mixed numbers,
  • Whole numbers

Based on this following arithmetic calculations can be made, including the addition

  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Simplification
  • Conversions

Even engineering fractions can also be done using this simple fraction calculator.

Many think Fractional Calculations are easy to solve, but not actually; the calculation confuses even adults and perhaps think about kids, and that's why this calculator comes in handy for those clumsy handlers who cannot handle fractions easily.

For Eg: if we ask the 1 5 times 1 5 as a fraction? You might wonder and make heavy calculations in mind; the answer is 1/5 times 1/5 is 1/25.  

This can be done as follows

1/5+1/5 here numerator and numerator have to be multiplied, and similarly, denominator and denominator should be multiplied where 1*1 = 1 divided by 5*5 = 25, which answers 1/25
In the above example, we use multiplication factor where multiplying fractions begins with multiplying the provided numerators and then moves on to multiplying the denominators.

Now can we solve 12/8 *24/12? The answer is 3. This needs pen and paper to solve the problem; though simple, the calculator is, and subsequently, this fraction calculator comes in handy for everyone, especially for kids to check with their calculated results. 

The same fraction calculator can also be employed in using negative sign numerical.

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