Golfers calculate your handicap index using our Golf Handicap calculator

Golfers calculate your handicap index using our Golf Handicap calculator is the perfect tool to calculate your Golf Handicap Calculator. With our user-friendly interface and accurate calculations, you can determine your handicap index quickly and effortlessly. Golfers of all skill levels can rely on to ensure fair competition on the green. Index of your handicap

  • Course rating
  • Course slope rating
  • Course par score

With the intention of integrating the six pre-existing handicap systems globally, the Global Handicap System was introduced in 2020. By July 2022, 119 nations were utilizing the system.

Manual calculation of golf handicap  

The personal handicap index of golf players can be easily calculated through the following two steps as per the Golf Ascending

1. Of your 20 most recent scores, choose the eight best.
2. Compile all eight scores, divide that total by eight, and take the average of those results.

The resultant number of strokes must be added to the course's par on a typical golf course, while the computation to modify your handicap for each particular course you play is more intricate.

It's crucial to remember that this index is a rolling measure. Every time you play, be sure to keep track of your score. You should also update your handicap index whenever you register new scores that place in your top eight or whenever scores that once made your top eight stop appearing in your most recent 20 rounds. As a golf player, ditch the manual calculation and start 
calculating using a Golf handicap calculator.

How to receive an official handicap rating?

Generally golfers need to join a golf association to receive an official handicap rating. If you belong to a golf club, you can contact a professional to start the process or sign up with an Allied Golf Association. The USGA offers a list of handicapping regulations on its website, as the USGA is responsible for writing and interpreting golf rules in the US.

You can use this metric at any golf course to determine your handicap, whether you use an official handicap index or keep your own. Still, with our online free Golf Handicap calculator, you can easily receive your index.

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