How to Use BMR for Weight Loss

How to Use BMR for Weight Loss

Unlock Your Body's Potential: Discover Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)   BMR Calculator estimates the BMR of a person. BMR can be used for various purposes like checking the number of calories your body requires or weight loss purposes. Knowing the BMR is the starting point of understanding how the body functions.

The number of calories you need to rather your body needs to function is also known as the basal metabolic rate of a person. Once you know your BMR, you can easily determine and calculate the calories you consume. In case you are aiming to lose some weight. 

A normal person burns more calories with zero effort or movement. Even when you are sitting, ideally, working on the desktop, or let's consider not performing any physical activity. Your body is working and burning calories to keep your organs active and functioning. 

The Calories needed to maintain the basis of Bodily function are included in the calculation of your BMR. Of all the important factors, BMR is another crucial factor in determining the number of calories you burn in a day. It is also called Total Energy Expenditure per day or TDEE. It is also determined by genetics, sex, age, body size, and Lean Body Mass.

Let's understand how BMR helps in weight loss

Once you know your BMR, it helps determine the total energy expenditure for each day. You can do so by getting into a calorie deficit. To be more clear, consuming fewer calories will help in weight loss. It will help by burning more calories, so ultimately, you will lose some pounds. You should be losing at most 1 kg in a week.
Most time, people do not have access to or can afford to visit the hospital to check the BMR. Hence, using the BMR Calculator is extremely handy and helps save you time and money. Various calculators are available online, but for the most accurate and easy calculation, we suggest you use the BMR calculator in case you want to lose weight.

Now that you know, BMR is just the number of calories you burn at rest. So it doesn't account for walking, running, or exercising. When you think of the calorie needs for a particular meal. You need to calculate the current activity and even consider if the activities have increased. Let's assume you started exercising. 

Calculate your daily total energy expenditure

Suppose a man's weight is 171 pounds, and for a woman, it is 133.6 pounds. So by using the calculator, you get the values as 1600 calories per day. Multiply the equation to give you a value of 2000 calories to maintain weight. So 1600 calories are the minimum requirement to lose weight.

So as per your weight loss or maintenance goal, it also affects the body fat and muscle mass. It is important to note that staying consistent and using the diet and calories that suit your body and activity should be kept consistent. Weight loss or gain can fluctuate, and it is highly derived from the calories you consume.


Using BMR Calculator can help you determine the calories you need to lose weight.

By accurately estimating your BMR using's BMR Calculator, you can tailor your calorie intake for effective weight loss and achieve your desired goals.

Our BMR calculator provides valuable insights into your body's calorie requirements, empowering you to customize your diet and exercise plans for successful weight loss.

Our BMR Calculator provides you with crucial insights into your calorie needs, helping you create a personalized weight loss plan tailored to your body's unique requirements. Trust to support you on your weight loss journey.

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