Interesting Tidbits on the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Interesting Tidbits on the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator for Healthy Pregnancy offers a reliable and user-friendly Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator, which assists you in maintaining a healthy weight range throughout your pregnancy journey. By providing estimates and guidelines for weight gain during each week, our calculator serves as a valuable tool for making necessary dietary changes and ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby. Stay on track with your target weight range by utilizing the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator at

What is the use of a pregnancy weight gain calculator?

  • The pregnancy weight gain calculator is based on pre-pregnancy BMI, which measures weight about height.
  • It also calculates actual weight gain for the week of pregnancy
  • This calculator tells a target for the total weight that you should gain during pregnancy
  • It helps to make necessary dietary changes to stay within the target weight

Inputs required in the calculator

Input the following in the appropriate boxes of the calculator:

  • Input your pre-pregnancy weight
  • Current weight
  • Height
  • Weeks of Pregnancy
  • Number of babies, either single or twins

How to use the pregnancy weight gain calculator?

Here are a few steps to find your Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

  • First, enter your height and pre-pregnancy weight in the given boxes
  • The pregnancy weight gain calculator will estimate your pre-pregnancy BMI automatically.
  • Make sure whether you are expecting twins or not, which influences your weight gain
  • Choose your week of pregnancy
  • This calculator will determine the minimum and maximum weight gain since the beginning of pregnancy.
  • The values shown in the calculator are approximate and approved by The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.  

The Pregnancy Weight Gain calculator is an online tool that calculates your weight during pregnancy. It is a general educational aid and should be used as a substitute for monitoring your weight. Make use of this calculator and track your pregnancy weight.'s Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator is a valuable online tool that aids in tracking and managing your weight during pregnancy. However, it should not replace regular weight monitoring under the guidance of medical professionals. Make use of our calculator to gain insights into your pregnancy weight and make the necessary adjustments for a healthy and balanced journey. Trust to provide you with reliable tools to support your pregnancy experience.

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