Know Your Roof Estimation Based On Roofing Calculator

Know Your Roof Estimation Based On Roofing Calculator

Effortlessly Plan Your Roofing Project with's Roofing Calculator is your trusted online platform offering a comprehensive Roofing Calculator designed to assist you with all your roofing needs. Whether you're planning to build a new roof, renovate an existing one, or add a roof to your garage or shed, our calculator is here to help. By inputting the dimensions of your roof, our calculator provides you with accurate estimates tailored to United States standards. With the Roofing Calculator from, you can confidently plan your roofing project with ease.

The roofing calculator is very simple if you know how to calculate  

  • House area
  • Roof pitch of your house

Based on the above two known values, roof area can be found based on the formula

Roof area = base area / cos[pitch(deg)]

With this Roofing Calculator, one can easily estimate the roofing area and the necessity of roofing material based on this roofing material calculator.

Roofing Material Calculator

The roofing material calculator calculates the roof area using convenient different units.

  • Square feet
  • Square meters
  • Square yards
  • Square inches
  • Square centimeters

Based on the result, you can compute

  • the number of bundles required for composition shingles 
  • number of rolls for roofing
  • number of rolls required for #15 felt and #30 felt 
  • number of Roof ceramic tiles

Key Notes:

Roof ceramic tiles come in different standards, so before procuring them, you must get advice from your Consultant contractors on the need and size of the tiles.

Roofing Area Calculator

If you want to know an estimation of the roof area, get to know the

  • Base area
  • Roof pitch
  • Eaves stick out
  • Price

How to calculate roofing area?

To calculate the roof, multiply the roof length by the roof slope height and then divide the outcome by two to know your roof area. This should provide you with the area of your roof as a whole, excluding any chimneys or other roof features that aren't tiled.


The Roofing cost is based on what type of material is used as cost greatly varies based on the area coverage of square feet. 

Can a roof calculator compute complex roof structures?

This calculator can estimate easy roof structures. But if you want to calculate complex roof shapes, this might be a challenge but still can be useful; we have this area calculator that helps you first to know the area of your roof based on which the other calculation on price can be made. 

In simple terms of complex structure, this does not show you an accurate area but can give you an approximate area while estimating the roofing area for residential purposes. 

It is preferable to speak with a local contractor and request information on labor and material costs per square meter or square foot of roof space. Remember that the cost of removing all layers and disposing of them should be included in this unit pricing, along with any additional components like fasteners.

Right before beginning the work, it is essential to check with other contractors if your contractor's price proposal deviates from these figures. Suppose you cannot reach any contractors; double the cost of materials by 2.5 by finding the closest building supply store, for instance. Using the assumption that labor makes up 60% of the cost and materials make up 40%, you may calculate an approximate price that includes labor.

With's roofing calculator, you can effortlessly estimate the cost of your roof projects, ensuring accurate planning and informed decision-making

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