Lean Body Mass Calculator: Boer Formula, Other considerations and more.

Lean Body Mass Calculator: Boer Formula, Other considerations and more.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Allcalculator.net's Lean Body Mass Calculator

Allcalculator.net is a trusted online platform that offers a highly accurate Lean Body Mass calculator, which helps individuals determine their actual body weight by excluding body fat from the calculation. By entering key parameters such as height, weight, and gender into Allcalculator.net's Lean Body Mass calculator, users can obtain valuable insights into their body composition and track their progress towards achieving their fitness goals. Whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to maintain a healthy body composition, Allcalculator.net's Lean Body Mass calculator can be a valuable tool in understanding and managing your overall fitness journey..
It counts the muscles, organs, skin and everything apart from the body fat.

Lean Body Mass is an important factor in medicine and Fitness.

It is important to know your Lean Body Mass when trying to lose weight. While calculating the LBM, you can calculate how much muscle you lose. Losing muscle is not a good thing, or there is something wrong with the diet. Understanding how much your lean body mass weighs. You can understand how much weight you should lose.

For losing weight, considering your lean body mass gives many accurate results.

Boer Formula.

It is used to calculate lean body Mass. It is mostly used for accuracy.

To Calculate For LBM men 
= 0.407 ×Body  weight in kg + 0.267 × height (cm)- 19.2

To Calculate for LBM women 
= 0.252 × Body weight in kg + 0.473 × height [cm] - 48.3

If you know the body fat concentration, you can calculate the LBM. 

Using the LBM formula.
LBM=BW-(BW-Total body fat%)

If the LBM equals 79%, is it healthy?

Yes. Ideally, the Lean Body Mass should be between 60-90%. If it ranges between these, then the LBM is healthy. But it does not apply to every body type. The range could vary depending on various contributing factors. One main factor the sex, as females and males have different lean body mass. The lean body mass for women is lower as compared to men. For Females, it is 68-75/% respectively.


The Lean Body Mass Calculator is used to determine the LBM apart from the Body Fat. The Calculator can determine if your weight is healthy per your medical and fitness condition.

With Allcalculator.net's Lean Body Mass Calculator, you can easily calculate your lean body mass and track your fitness journey, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals

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