Lean Body Mass Calculator: Importance Of LBM Value In Fitness, And Ideal Way To Calculate LBM

Lean Body Mass Calculator: Importance Of LBM Value In Fitness, And Ideal Way To Calculate LBM

Why is measuring Lean Body Mass important in terms of fitness?

Suppose you are someone who wants to build muscles. It is crucial to know the LBM value. Apart from the BMI, it is another component of indicating health conditions like Weight. It also determines your health and fitness goals if losing Weight, building muscle or maintaining a healthy weight is the requirement.

It is important to measure an LBM. Let's understand what a Lean Body Mass is.

LBM is the total Weight deducted from the total body fat. It is the LBM of the Body.
Understanding the LBM helps one in either maintaining Weight, building more muscles or losing Weight.

Anyone looking to build muscles is putting on Weight. It is in the form of lean mass same as the overall Weight. It indicates that although Weight is increasing, it is not contributing to body fat.

There are various formulas to calculate lean body mass. It is important to know the Body fat percentage. The formulas differ, and their accuracy depends on and differs from each. 

What is the ideal way to measure Lean Body Mass without the Calculator?

Using the LBM Calculator is a more accurate way to measure the LBM. However, there are certain formulas to measure the LBM. The easiest way to measure the LBM is to know the height and Weight of an individual.

The formula below mentions the Weight in kg and height in cm.

To calculate LBM for men = 
(0.32810 × W) + (0.33929 × H) − 29.5336

To Calculate LBM for Women 
(0.29569 × W) + (0.41813 × H) − 43.2933

Note that the formulas need to be more accurate. It could work as a thumb rule or for instant results.
For more accuracy, one can always opt for the LBM Calculator.

The other way is to increase Body Fat Percentage

The Body Fat Percentage can be used to work the LBM. Dividing the Body's fat Percentage by 100. Once it becomes decimal, multiply it by the total Weight.

Suppose a person weighs 80kg. The Body Fat percentage of the person is 15%.
Multiply it by 0.15×80kg 
It weighs 12kg.
After this, deduct the total body weight to get the Lean Body Mass. So 80-12=68kg.
It's the lean body mass.

Here determining the Body fat percentage is important. Once the Body Fat Percentage is determined, you can get the LBM value with the formula mentioned above.

However, it is inaccurate, so using the LBM calculator is better. If accuracy is a major component, one can opt for the DEXA, MRI and CT scans.


LBM is the Lean Body Mass of a person. It is determined by height, Weight, gender and age. Instead of using formulas, the LBM calculator is a hassle-free option. It will determine accurate results without any fuss.

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