Learn Your Body Type And Get Fit With Our Calculator

Learn Your Body Type And Get Fit With Our Calculator

Allcalculator.net, the leading platform for health and fitness calculations, offers a highly accurate Body Type Calculator that provides a comprehensive analysis of your unique body shape based on precise measurements. By utilizing our advanced Body Type Calculator, you can gain valuable insights into your physique and make informed decisions to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Often the question arises regarding what is my body type. Is it an inverted triangle, straight or pear shape? Now to learn about your Body Type, we have the best solution by providing you with the AllCalculator.net Body Type Calculator. It only takes a few seconds of your time to use your measurements to state your body shape. So avoid the fuss of standing in front of the mirror for hours and analyzing the body shape as the Body Type Calculator is a fast and reliable way of learning about your body type and helps you get fit.

Input the measurement in the Calculator, and among the seven top groups, the Calculator will tell the type of your body shape.

There are seven top body types or shape groups. The Calculator will predict one of the shapes for you. Let's learn about each body type, as it can also help you get fit so you don't go overboard.


It is the most ideal, balanced, and harmonious body type. The Bust and hips are in proper proportion and balanced. The waist is narrow and well-defined. This type of body is usually found in models in the fashion industry.

Top Hourglass:

It is also similar to the Hourglass Shape. A narrow and well-defined waist. The Bust is a little or visibly larger than the hip area.

Bottom Hourglass:

Even this Body Type has a narrow waist and small Bust area compared to the hip portion. So the Hip Area measures more than the Bust.


In this Body Type, the hips are larger than the Bust. The hips hold a shelf-like appearance. Again, even though this has a defined waist, it is wider than the hourglass shape holds.


in this, the body shape is quite trimmed from all sides except the hip area. It means it is much broader than the shoulders. Here the waist needs to be better defined and easily accentuated.
Inverted Triangle: This Body Type holds a subtle waist and a larger upper body. It means the upper body is quite broader compared to the lower body. The shoulders and Bust are quite broad, while the hip area is slim.


It is also called the straight or banana body type. In this, the measurement or visible appearance of the Bust, hip, and shoulders is the same. It means the body is quite proportionally balanced and athletic. Hence most sports people, primarily females, have this body type.


AllCalculator.net Body Type Calculator can easily determine your Body Shape with the help of the measurements you provide. Hence it helps you learn about your body type, So as to make the necessary changes to get fit or stay in the shape you desire.

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