List Of The Top 10 Weakest Currencies Around The World 2023

List Of The Top 10 Weakest Currencies Around The World 2023

While catching a brief insight into the economic conditions, there is a listing of the strongest and cheapest currencies worldwide. You may get a vague idea of these nations’ currencies to go further. Hence, take instant help from our hassle-free Currency calculator to calculate the resultant value ranging from the highest to the lowest coinage. 

Renowned currencies such as the Swiss Franc, the US Dollar, and the British Pound Sterling are famous for stabilizing the economy apart from their known currencies. Finding the national currencies that have experienced a considerable devaluation is vital. Let’s take a quick overview: 

  • IRR (Iranian Rial) 

The Iranian rial (IRR) is considered the weakest currency worldwide, wherein 1 rial is equivalent to $0.0000024, or $1 makes 42273 IRR. With our currency calculatoryou can estimate the rate easily without a hassle. This devaluation can be done with factors like the Iran-Iraq war, the nuclear program, and political issues within the nation. 

  • VND (Vietnamese Dong) 

VND, or the Vietnamese Dong, is the second weak currency within the nation, where 1 dong makes $0.000042 or $1 is equivalent to 23711 Vietnamese dongs. There’s a downfall in the currency due to restrictions made on foreign Investment and a slowdown in the export market. 

  • LAK (Laotian Kip) 

The Lao Kip or Laotian is the 3rd weakest currency buying $0.000052 in 1 kip or 19072 Lao kips makes 1 US dollar. Loas has been affected by a slothful economic rate, high inflation, and increasing foreign debts that put great pressure on the currency. 

  • SLL (Sierra Leonean Leone) 

SLL, or Sierra Leonean Leone, is regarded to be the fourth weakest currency in the world. In 1 Leone, you can buy $0.000057 while 17665 Sierra Leone leones make 1 US Dollars. It’s free-floating and was introduced in 1964. The value of SLL is lower due to a downfall in the economic rate and the long-lasting effects of the Ebola epidemic.

  • IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 

The Indonesian Rupiah, or IDR, is well-known for being the 5th weakest current worldwide, wherein 1 IDR makes $0.000067 while 14993 IDR equals 1 US Dollars. Try our Financial calculator to make easy plans. This currency has experienced a breakdown because of the recession and high inflation rate. 

  • LBP (Lebanese Pound) 

The Lebanese Pound, or LBP, is listed as the sixth weak currency worldwide, purchasing 0.000067 dollars at 1 pound or 1 US dollar, making 14986 LBP. This currency hits a low record because of high inflation, political unrest, unemployment, and the banking crisis. 

  • UZS (Uzbekistani Som) 

The UZS, or Uzbekistani Som, is listed as the 7th weakest nation worldwide, buying 1 Som for $0.000087 or 11516 UZS on 1 US dollar. The nation has been executing economic reforms, though it continues to fight with high inflation, low economic growth, and unemployment. 

  • GNF (Guinean Franc) 

The GNF or Guinean Franc is recorded to be the 8th weakest currency globally, wherein you can buy $0.0000116 at 1 Franc (or 8583 GNF equals 1 US Dollars). Due to military unrest, the influx of refugees from Sierra Leone and Libera, and high inflation, the country is experiencing a slowdown in currency. 

  • PYG (Paraguayan Guarani) 

The PYG or Paraguayan Guarani is known to be the 9th weakest currency, wherein 1 PYG makes 0.0000138 US dollars or 7249 PYG equals $1. This currency is under pressure due to counterfeiting, corruption, and high inflation. Optimize our currency calculator to get accurate results. 

  • UGX (Ugandan Shilling)

Last but not least, the UGX or Ugandan Shilling is the tenth cheapest Currency, wherein buying 0.0000273 US Dollars makes 1 UGX, or 3669 UGX equals 1 Dollar. The nation is a great source of commodities like coffee, gold, and oil, but the economy is at risk due to high debt, political unrest, and unstable economic growth.

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