Make Area Calculations Easier Using Area Calculator

Make Area Calculations Easier Using Area Calculator offers a comprehensive and user-friendly Area Calculator that simplifies the process of making Area calculations. Whether you need to calculate the area of a square, rectangle, circle, or any other shape, our Area Calculator provides accurate results in a matter of seconds. With its intuitive interface and customizable options, you can conveniently input the dimensions of your shape and obtain the corresponding area with ease. Simplify your area calculations today with the help of's efficient Area Calculator.

How to calculate area?

Here are the important and useful area formulas for sixteen geometric shapes:
Square area A = a2
Rectangle A = a x b
A = b x h / 2
A = 0.5 x a x b x sin (γ)
A = 0.25 x √ ((a + b + c) x ( -a + b + c) x ( a – b + c) x ( a + b – C) )
A = a2 x sin (β) x sin (γ) / (2 x sin (β + γ))
Circle area A = πr2
Circle sector A = r2 x angle / 2
Ellipse A = a x b x π
A = a x h
A = a x b x sin (angle)
A = e x f x sin (angle)
A = a x h 
A = (e x f) / 2
A = s2 x sin (angle)
Pentagon A = a2 x √ (25 + 10√5) / 4
Hexagon A = 3/2 x √3 x a2
Octagon A = 2 x (1 + √2) x a2
Quadrilateral A = e x f x sin (angle)

How do I calculate the area of an irregular shape?

Calculate the Area of an irregular shape:

  • Divide the shape into several sub-shapes for which you can do the area calculations like triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, circles, etc.
  • Calculate the area of each of these sub-shapes.
  • Sum up the areas of sub-shapes to get the final result.

How to calculate the area of the square?

The simplicity of the square is one of the first shapes that geometry students became familiar with. Based on real-life measurements, it is used in construction, landscaping, engineering, etc. A square can be interpreted as a special case of a rhombus, a rectangle in which the opposite sides are equal in length, and its entire length is 90o. Calculate All the Shapes of the Area of more advanced shapes. The equation's solution is straightforward multiplication, which is the formula used in the area of a square online calculator. Using this calculator, you can easily calculate the area of a square of a given length of its side in any metric: mm, cm, meters, km, inches, feet, yards, etc.

What are the properties of a rectangle?

Rectangles have some interesting properties:

  • Cyclic –all corners lie on a single circle
  • Equiangular – corner angles are equal to 90 degrees
  • Rectilinear – sides meet at right angles
  • Two lines of reflection symmetry – vertical and horizontal through the center
  • Two diagonals bisect each other - length using the Pythagorean theorem

How to use the area of the circle calculator?

The Area of a Circle, its diameter, and its radius can easily calculate everything. The steps are as follows:

  • Determine whether your given value is a diameter or a radius based on the definition
  • Enter your value into the proper field of the calculator
  • Finally, your results are here. 

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