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What is a Circle Calculator, and why is it used?

The Circle Calculator will find the equation of the Circle. So from the given parameters of the Center, radius, diameter and circumference, area, and all the domains of the Circle are entered to find the value.

In this calculator, various formulas and information like the area, diameter value, or radius can be given to calculate the value and distance of the Circle. There are many determining factors like the tangent, sectors, Center, and arc Included to calculate.

What is a Circle Calculator?

A circle is geometrically a simple closed round shape. A set of all points on a plane at an equal distance from the given point. Hence it is called the center. It can be defined as a curve traced by a point. So here, the distance of the given point remains constant at every move.

What are the parts of a circle?

Diameter : The largest distance between any two points of a circle. So by definition, the diameter of the Circle will pass. So it is equal to twice the length of the radius.

Circumference: it is the distance around the Circle. It is also the length of a particular circuit along the Circle.

Arc: It is generally a part of the Circle with two arcs. They are major arc and minor arc.

Minor Arc: The minor arc is smaller than half of the circumference.

Chord: A chord is a line segment from one point to another point of a circle. A chord passes through the Center, which is the diameter.

Secant: A line that passes from the Circle at two points. It is an extension of the chord which starts and ends outside the Circle.

Tangent: It is an A line that intersects the Circle at a single point. The rest of the line, the single line that intersects outside the Circle, lies outside.

Sector: it is the area of a circle created between two radii. It is divided into two sectors.

The Constant π also called pi

So a circle's radius, diameter, and circumference are related to the mathematical concept ofπ or pi. It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle's diameter.

The value of (pi) π is 3.14159. It is an irrational number. So it can't be written in a fraction form. Since the approximate value is 22/7

The decimal representation doesn't end or has a repeating pattern. It is a transcendental number. So it is not the roof of any zero polynomial with rational coefficients.

In the past eras, Geometers used a significant time concerning the effort of the square of the Circle.

It was a process that involved constructing a circle. It is with the same area as a given circle. It has certain steps. It is crucial to use a compass and a straight edge.

Now it is considered impossible. In 1880

Ferdinand von Lindemann gave proof that π is transcendental< style="font-weight: 400;">. It puts an end to the efforts of the square of a circle.

Now the ancient geometricians accomplished something impossible today. It may seem as comical and futile. So thanks to mathematicians' concepts, they are well-defined.

Another way to calculate the Circle formulas to calculate Circle's distance is with the following formula.


It is used to calculate twice the radius.


It is used to calculate the circumference of the Circle.


It is used to calculate the area of the Circle.

How to use the circle calculator?

In the circle, the calculator adds the values of radius (R ), diameter(D), circumference(C), and Area(A).

So, the geometrically designed circle calculator. It will calculate all the points which are equidistant from the Center.

Now let's understand Circle is a set of points inside a closed loop. Every point is at a fixed distance from the center point. The radius is half the diameter, the distance from the Circle's Center. The distance across is the diameter.

So a circle is a round plane. The circumference boundary consists of points equidistant from the Center.

So let's consider this as an example.

To find the area, diameter, and circumference of the Circle. While the radius is 5.

In step 1:Calculate the Area

Area=πr2= 3.14* 5*5



Step 2 involves calculating the diameter

Diameter is 2r



Step 3 involves calculating the circumference





What is the Diameter of a Circle?

The Diameter of a circle is 2x the radius. It is a line that passes through the Center and ends on the circumference of the other side.

How does the Circle Calculator work?

Circle Calculator displays the Diameter and circumference of the Circle. It helps calculate the area and circumference in a fraction of a second.

What all parts does a Circle have?

A circle comprises a radius, Diameter, Center, circumference, tangent, sector, and chord.

What inputs are required in a Circle Calculator?

In the Circle Calculator, add any of the following details radius, diameter, Circumference, or Area, and tap on calculate. It calculates the rest details.

What is the π in an Area of a circle?

The π or mathematical constant determines a circle's radius, Circumference, or diameter. It is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

What is the Circumference of the circle?

In simple terms, the distance around the circle is called the Circumference of the circle.