Mean Median Mode Calculator With An Easy Step By Step Solution

Mean Median Mode Calculator With An Easy Step By Step Solution

Discover Comprehensive Statistical Measures with's Mean Median Mode Range Calculator provides a user-friendly Mean Median Mode Range Calculator that allows you to easily calculate the mean, median, mode, and more. Explore this article to discover comprehensive definitions and formulas for these statistical measures.

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Range
  • The midpoint

In addition to providing the solution, this Mean Median Mode Calculator walks you through each step so you can figure out how to compute the mean, median, mode, range, and midrange on your own. 

How do you define mean, median, and mode?  

Three of the most popular measures of the central tendency, or the center of a distribution (whether it be a Poisson distribution, a binomial distribution, or any other distribution), are the mean, median, and mode.

Definitions of Mean, Median, and Mode

The average of all numbers is known as the mean.
The median is the value when the number of values is larger and less than the median is equal.
The most often occurring number is the mode.

  • Range and midrange are defined.
  • A group of numbers is frequently described using the range (a measure of dispersion) and midrange (another measure of central tendency).

Range and midrange are defined as

The distance between the lowest and highest is known as the range. values.
The value that falls exactly midway between the minimum and maximum values is known as the middle.

The median definition

The "median" value in a sorted collection of numbers is referred to as the middle. Both numbers above and below the median are equal in number.

Finding the Median

Find the median of the set of integers 3,5,7,9,11, and 13 as an illustration:
Numbers should be sorted from least to most to:
From least to more, here is our list:
3,5,7,9,11, 13
It should be noted that ordering from least to most is equally appropriate.
2. Ascertain the numbers' "center"
The middle two numbers are presumably 7 and 9, however, it will be useful to know how many numbers there are if the dataset is vast.
Use the following equation to determine the dataset's "center":
(N + 1) / 2 center
There being six digits, the center is determined as follows:
center = (7+1)/2= 4
The median will be since 4 is the "middle" number.
the sum of our list's third and fourth numbers.

Definition of mode

The number that appears most frequently is the mode. Many possibilities are possible:

  • The distribution is referred to as unimodal if one number appears more frequently than any other.
  • The distribution is said to as multimodal if more than one number appears with the highest frequency, indicating the presence of different modes.
  • The distribution is still multimodal if there are precisely two modes, but you may call it bimodal to be more precise.
  • There is no mode if each number only appears once, or if all numbers appear the same amount of times. 

Methods for determining range and midrange

The range is the most basic way to quantify dispersion (how varied a set of numbers is). With Mean Median Mode Calculator, calculate the difference between the highest and minimum values using the range formula to determine the range:

Max-min range

The midpoint, like the mean, median, and mode, is another indicator of the central tendency. The maximum and minimum values are precisely midway between the middle. 

Our Mean Median Mode Calculator not only provides the solution but also guides you through each step, enabling you to independently compute the mean, median, mode, range, and midrange.

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