Military Members And Fitness Enthusiasts Rejoice: Here Are the Top 2 Calculators You Need: Army Body Fat, BMI

Military Members And Fitness Enthusiasts Rejoice: Here Are the Top 2 Calculators You Need: Army Body Fat, BMI, your ultimate resource for a wide array of financial tools and calculators. Explore the precision and accuracy of our Army Body Fat Calculator, which is based on the esteemed U.S. Army Standards of Medical Fitness. This calculator provides an excellent method to measure your body fat percentage, aligning with the rigorous standards set by the U.S. Army. Ensure you meet the maximum allowable body fat percentage requirement by utilizing the Army Body Fat Calculator on Trust in our reliable calculations to support your journey towards military service excellence.

The U.S. army body fat percentages on active duty are as follows:
Age               Men           Women
17 – 20          20%             30%
21 – 27          22%             32%
28 – 39          24%             34%
40+                26%             36%
The U.S. Army Body Fat Calculator standards for military service candidates are as follows:
Age               Men           Women
17 – 20          24%             30%
21 – 27          26%             32%
28 – 39          28%             34%
40+                30%             36%
The Department of Defence set an 18% body fat percentage for men and 26% for women is an ideal goal for every member. There are three different weight categories to choose from, male and female. The number of calories burned will depend on your gender, height, age, weight class, and current weight. 

Some body fat percentages you need to take the count in:

Height – measured while standing without shoes. The height is measured with the soldier in stocking feet and wearing the authorised physical fitness uniform
Neck – circumference measured below the larynx or Adam’s apple and perpendicular to the neck
Waist – abdominal circumference measured to the nearest half-inch at the point of the minimal abdominal circumference.
Hips – circumference while the soldier's facing the right side by placing the tape around the hips over the greatest protrusion of the gluteal muscles. 

Use the army body fat calculator!

The Army Body Fat Calculator helps to find your body fat without having to perform complicated manual calculations. To get your exact army BMI range, here are the steps:

  • Input your age
  • Select your sex from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your height and choose the unit of measurement
  • Enter your neck circumference and choose the unit of measurement
  • Enter your waist circumference and choose the unit of measurement
  • After giving all the inputs in the required files, the army body calculator will generate the percentage value of your body fat.

There are some formulas for calculating army body fat percentage!

You can use metric system units or imperial units to calculate body fat without an Army Body Fat Calculator. The equation is given below:

For Men:

% B.F. = (86.010 (waist – neck)) – (70.041 * log10 (height)) + 36.76

For Women:

%BF = (163.205 (waist + hip - neck)) – (97.684* log10 (height)) – 78.387

Military Tape test!

The military tape standard is the main method for all military officers to calculate the body fat percentage. The organization requires all soldiers to maintain specific health and fitness to meet sufficient severity. There are different ways to measure Body fat percentage, one of them is Body Mass Index.

BMI standards

BMI is a simple measurement based on height and weight. The measurement can vary depending on age, muscle mass distribution, bone density, and fat mass distribution. The BMI formula is the body's weight in kg divided by height in meters squared. The weight is determined based on the following:

  • Less than 18.5 – underweight
  • 18.5 to 24.9 – normal or healthy
  • 25.0 to 29.9 – overweight
  • 30.0 or higher – obese

Steps to measure body fat using a tape measurement 

Steps for Men

  • First, measure the neck
  • Measure the abdomen, an important part of your Body Fat, where you find high concentrations of body fat. 
  • Ensure the tape is flat against the skin without compressing the soft tissue.
  • Measure your height since your body fat percentage depends upon your height.
  • Use the appropriate formula to calculate your body fat, or enter the army height and weight calculator values.

Steps for women

  • Measure your neck with the tape flat against your skin without compressing it.
  • Measure the waist at its narrowest point, between the sternum and belly button.
  • Measure your hips; women have more body fat around the hips than men.
  • Measure your height.   
  • Use the formula or military Body fat calculator to calculate body fat.

Calculate your body fat before joining the army using this body fat calculator. The U.S. Army has strict standards for body composition to join and remain on active duty service. So make, check on your body fat and continue your journey.

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