Online triangle calculator to calculate the shapes of the triangle!

Online triangle calculator to calculate the shapes of the triangle!

What do you know about triangle calculators?

At, we understand the complexities of triangle properties and the importance of accurately solving triangle-related problems. That's why we have developed a user-friendly Triangle Calculator to assist you in determining the missing characteristics of a triangle. Whether you have information about the lengths of the sides or the measures of the angles, our calculator will provide you with the remaining properties of the triangle. From calculating the missing side lengths to determining the unknown angles,'s  Our Triangle Calculator is your reliable tool for solving triangle mysteries and gaining a deeper understanding of geometric concepts.

  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Heights
  • Medians

How does this calculator solve a triangle?

  • The calculator tries to calculate the sizes f three sides of the triangle from the entered data. The relationships between individual triangle parameters represent the entered data. These are successfully applied and combined, and the triangle parameters calculate.
  • The appropriate height is calculated from the given area of the triangle and the sides. From the known height and angle, the adjacent side can be calculated. 
  • The next stage is the calculation of the properties of the triangle from the available lengths of its three sides.Triangle calculator

What is a triangle?

A Triangle is a polygon with three vertices linked by three edges designated with line segments with two or more curves, lines, or edges intersecting. These are the same vertices used as references. 
A triangle with three vertices a,b and c are written as Δabc. A triangle is described based on the length of the sides and the internal angles.

E.g. for an equilateral triangle, all three sides are equal in length.
For an isosceles triangle, only two sides are equal in length. 
 For a scalene triangle, no sides are of the same length. 

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