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Bra Calculator

Breast is the most attractive part of a woman that people of the opposite gender appreciate, and even women do. Beautiful breast is something every woman would adore. A top with a deep neck showing cleavage is a part of a woman's attraction.

The transformation from a girl to an adult is a wonderful journey that brings about a lot of biological changes in her that lead to the development of breasts. Moreover, the breast changes shape and size after hitting puberty, and that's where the bra comes as a savior, adding additional beauty to women. 

A woman's breast comprises fat and glands supported by the ligaments, so they tend to undergo sagging and look odd beauty to our body features. To avoid this, women started wearing a bra to prevent sagging.

Bra Calculator

Importance of wearing a bra

  • Prevents sagging
  • Offers support
  • Better shape
  • Boost the confidence
  • Gives comfort
  • Improves body posture
  • Bra last long
  • It reduces back pain

If wearing a bra has so many benefits, why do women hate bras?

A bra is never a pain, it's an add-on beauty, but women tend to think of it as an article of clothing that gives discomfort, increases agony, and suffocates. And many women tend to hate wearing a bra for other reasons as well, and that includes.

  • Wearing a bra leads to under-breast sweat.
  • White bras never stay white
  • Slipping bras
  • Bras are costly
  • Different brands come in different sizes.

What is the problem with bras, then?

Many women need better-fitting bras, which is why they are unaware of their bra size. Based on the survey by the showroom retailers, it is estimated that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Is the problem with size alone?

Well, we can't blame women for not knowing their size, but there are other factors involved with it. With different types of bras available in the market, women don't know

  • Which bra suits best for which outfit?
  • Where is the bra cup supposed to fit?
  • Where should the breastplate be supported?
  • Where should the straps rest on the back?

In simple terms, many women have yet to learn how to wear a bra.

Bra size varies from brand to brand

Bra size has not to be standardized; finding a bra that perfectly fits someone is quite problematic as size varies from brand to brand as sizes are related. 

Scientist and Champion sportswear brand consultant LaJean Lawson noted that the cup size is typically determined by the difference between the band and bust measurements (measurement below the rib cage and over the entire breast). The Bra cup's volume is determined based on the breast size, and the volume of the cup is maintained constant when one chooses up a band size and down by the cup size or vice versa.

Based on the band and bust measurement, this bra calculator is here for you to find out the exact measurement that suits you and gives inner comfort for the outfit you wear.

Bra size calculator

This calculator provides an estimated bra size based on bust and band size. Measurements should be accurate to the nearest quarter inch or half cm. This calculator best suits Results for countries like America, the U.K., European countries, France, Belgium, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

In this calculator, you must enter

1. Bust size (inches/cm)

2. Band size (inches/cm)

How to measure Bust Size?

To measure the bust size, one must wear a well-fitted bra, stand straight with arms at the side, and use a measuring tape to measure the circumference around the chest with the fullest area of the breasts.

How to measure band size?

Band size is the fitted elastic of the bra, which holds below the breast area and is measured using a tape directly below the breast. It is also called frame size.

Who can use this bra calculator?

This bra calculator can be used by American women only

Women from other above-listed countries can go in for a Bra size converter that gives you the converted bra size based on the varied locations.  

Bra Converter

This bra converter has three options

  • Location
  • Size
  • Cup

Choose the drop-down box according to the field and click convert to get your desired size based on all locations' preferences.

Is wearing a bra a social norm?

Good or not good is a totally different perspective of wearing a bra, but it has now become a social norm to wear a bra when you go outside.

Girls with smaller breasts are frequently bullied in school and afterward pushed to make up for it by donning padded bras and form-fitting tops or performing breast-lifting activities to make their breasts appear larger. When girls don't wear in a way that covers all of their breasts, they are frequently sexualized or made to feel improper.

Girls may become unduly self-conscious about their breast size and shape due to attention, particularly if additional socially unfavorable characteristics like stretch marks, huge nipples, projecting nipples, or hair development are a reality for our breasts.

Breasts with protruding nipples are frowned upon by the public due to sexualization, and women are forced to wear this piece of garment as a part of the outfit. Nipples are a natural bodily component for all mammals, despite being called unpleasant, ugly, or tacky. Consider how strange it is that some parts of our anatomy are classified as fine while others are classified as filthy.

None of these points of emphasis take into account the needs of the girl herself, such as her need for physical comfort, her right to be treated as a person rather than a sexual thing, or the general policing of her breasts, including the utterly absurd but still ongoing argument over covering our nipples.

A bra should be more of a personal rather than a social norm. And it should only reflect personal preferences and lifestyle needs.

The Bra Calculator helps women find their precise bra size, ensuring optimal support, comfort, and enhanced body shape, so they can embrace their unique beauty with confidence.


Q. What bra is best for strapless dresses?

A. Bandeau/Tube Bra is best for strapless dresses; they either come with padded or removable pads.

Q. What to wear for revealing outfits?

A. A stick-on bra is the best option for revealing outfits as the adhesive present can stick onto the breast from getting a view of protruding nipples.

Q. What is the best bra for growing breasts?

A. The special bra, known as teen bras, provides support and structure for girls developing breasts.

Q. Which bra suits you best for tight t-shirts and outfits?

A. The seamless bra comes with molded cups with no seams that give a smooth finish when worn inside tight shirts and other dresses.

Q. What bra would you prefer to sleep in at night?

A. We have bras for all occasions, including a Lounge bra that can be worn during the night to sleep. As this comes in cotton fabrics allows you to breathe and sleep comfortably.

Q. What is the most common type of bra available in stores?

A. A T-shirt bra is the most common and convenient type of bra.

Q. What is the difference between a bra and a bikini?

A. The degree of coverage offered by a bra and a bikini is their primary distinction. A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that normally comprises a bikini top and bottom, while a bra typically covers the deeper cleavage breast and offers support.

Q. How to wash the bras?

A. The easiest approach to protect your bras while washing them is to put them inside a mesh laundry bag, wash them in cool water with mild detergent on the delicate cycle, and then air dry them. The shape and structure of the bra can be safeguarded with the help of these measures to some extent.

Q. How often do you wash a bra?

A. A bra should always be washed after two or three uses.

Q. Does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

A. There is no scientific evidence of bras being related to breast cancer.

Q. What are the problems associated with a bra?

A. Inadequately fitted bras have also been linked to skin abrasions, improper posture, and neck, back, and shoulder pain. Incorrectly fitting bras can also result in long-lasting physical changes, such as deep shoulder grooves brought on by the pressure of the bra's shoulder straps.