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A Comprehensive Guide To Grade Calculator: How To Find Your Grade Scores?

There is no harm in saying; Grades helps us to determine the success and weak areas of student. If you are a student, you probably want to know the grades. Knowing basic mathematical formulas will help you find your final grades so you can work out your performance up to the mark and excel in specific subjects with flying colors.

Even teachers calculate grade scores via a countless number of methods. There are a few common themes that determine grades in most educational institutions. Most schools prefer a set of standard percentages that the students earn letter grades from A to F.

Students can calculate the percentage that he/she attained in the class and then compare the grades on the grading scale to work out the letter grade. Teachers can assign the grades via percentages using linear point systems. Let’s discover more about the Grade calculator and its various methods.

Grade Calculator

What Is A Grade Calculator?

A grading system in the USA is used in schools and colleges for semester exams. All the students can calculate their estimated grades before the exam and get the expected outcomes. Various grade calculators are available over the internet. But, a few of them provide the best results.'s gives you the advantage of using a grade calculator’ and, thereby, getting the best results with your entering details. You can easily use it and there is no need to pay any charges. Alongside this, you can use the online calculator to calculate the grades of a particular course via weighted averages.

Grade Calculator is a free and simple helpful tool that helps you as a student better understand the current standing in your class and weak areas where you need to improve or maintain the grades score during the academic year.

This tool involves three extra calculator tools: the Final Grade Calculator, the GPA Calculator, and the Monthly Expense Calculator. These online tools help you to manage monthly costs and stay on top of your educational expenses. The grade calculator accepts letter and numerical grades. You can modify the values and click on the Calculate button.

The History Of Grading Systems

There was a time in 1785 when students at Yale ranked ‘optimi’ for the highest rank, inferior for the lower, and pejores’ for the worse. At Mary and William, students were ranked at No. 1, representing the students who were ranked first in the class, and No. 2 to those who were correct, orderly, and attentive.

While at Harvard, students were graded with a numerical system from 1 to 200, other than the college-graded philosophy and math from 1 to 100. After 1883, Harvard came up with a system called ‘classes’ under which students grades in classes from I to V. These methods show an inconsistent, subjective, and arbitrary nature under which institutions graded students to demonstrate a more standardized, arbitrary grading system.

Mount Holyoke College, in 1887, was the first college that used the letter grades that we commonly use these days. This college used a grading system of letters from A to F, where F represented a failing grade. The grading system was stricter than nowadays, wherein a failing grade is defined by whatever you score below 75%.

However, the college later renewed but still added a feature of F, which scores below 75%. It gained huge popularity in schools and colleges, and tends to the letter grading systems used today. There is a variation with a constituent of A whether it uses ‘plusses’ or minuses, i.e., A+, A-, B+ or B- and so on.

How To Calculate Your Grade Scores?

If you are looking to estimate study grades using a grade calculator, you can easily calculate them through weighted grade averages. It helps you know what to score in your finals to get desired grades. You can use the grade calculator to determine the overall grade and identify the weak areas to gain the ideal final grade. A few steps are listed below:

  • To determine your grade score, check the course syllabus your teacher has provided in the point system. Discover the category of each assignment as quizzes for up to 25% and midterms for 30% etc.
  • Enter the course name by clicking on the ‘course name’ box.
  • Enter the type of assessment, whether it is a test, quiz, homework, or midterm.
  • Fill the grade over the assessment. Also, you can enter a letter grade or a percentage.
  • Enter the weight percentage of each assessment, i.e., quizzes- 25%, midterm- 30%, and so on.
  • Go through and repeat the process for all assessments and courses.

It is essential to keep all your graded work till the end of each semester, as there are chances that teachers may enter incorrect details in the grading system. Above and all, if you want to calculate your final grades, you need to go through certain steps as discussed in the following:

  • Enter the grade you want to attain in the course in the Desired Grade’ column.
  • Fill in the percentage in the Final worth section that the final exam is there for your course grade. For instance, the final exam is 45% of the total grade in the course.
  • After the second step, the grade calculator offers you an estimate for the final exam grade to achieve during the course grade you need to attain.

To get accurate results, you can use mainly two calculators that are user-friendly and simple. They are the Final Grade Calculator and College GPA Calculator. Final Grade Calculator uses your current grade, the grade you need, and your final worth. This gives you a better idea of how to study, how much preparation you need, and what proportion you study to get the desired grade.

Why Is It Important To Calculate Your Final Grades?

However, your instructors only let you know the final grades; it is inevitable to figure out how to find out the scores yourself so that you are sure of your performance and specific areas. Every year, teachers must calculate and keep track of the records of various students.

So, it is common to make an error by leaving out a score. It miscalculates a scoring record from individual assessments and assignments. However, you can check twice your teacher grading and ensure the accurate and correct grade registers. It is beneficial to know your final grades before you complete all exams and assignments.

One example is if you get the current grade score as B, you can identify what you need to earn in your final exam to boost a final grade to A. On the other hand, if you currently have a B or C grade, you can figure out the minimum score you need to keep that grade.

You can calculate the grades through weighted grading or a point-based system. For more, you can estimate the overall grades via where in you can come up with accurate results by entering the right inputs. Check it out now!

The Grade Calculator provided by is a reliable and user-friendly tool that helps students estimate their grades, identify areas for improvement, and excel in their academic journey.


Q. How Can I Calculate Class Grades?

A. To calculate a class grade, you need to know your teacher’s grading system. For a point-based system, you need to add all your grade scores. After that, add the points for each grade. Divide the points you gained by the number of points, and then you will get your class grade.

Q. How Can I Calculate Grade percentages?

A. To calculate grade percentages, you need to know the grade score you gained in the specific test or assignment. Also, you must know the total points and divide the score by the total points. These are your grade percentages.

Q. How Can I Calculate Report Card Grades?

A. First, you need to know how much is the worth of your final exam to estimate the report card grades in high school. Generally, final exams are 20% in your report card grade, 40% in the first quarter, and 40% in the second. You can take our first quarter and multiply it by 0.40. Take the grade of your final exam and multiply it by 0.20. That will be your report card grade.