Permutation And Combination Calculator: Combination Repetition And Combination Without Repetition

Permutation And Combination Calculator: Combination Repetition And Combination Without Repetition

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How many combinations are possible in Combination Repetition Calculator?

Different Combinations of possible combination calculators can be used. Provided the total number of objects and sample size.

If you wonder about the possibility of Combinations, the Calculator helps. It will provide all the possible combinations of the objects and sample sizes. It will also provide all the possible combination elements in the list.

Let's understand it with an example.
So many combinations of 5 letters are possible. 

Combination vs Permutation.
So in Combination, you select n elements from n number of objects. Here order is not considered. But if we are to choose the order or sequence. It becomes Permutation.

The Combination only considers a set of different Combinations of each element. At the same time, Permutation considers all the orders of the objects.

Combinations are of two types repetition and one without any repetition.
In repetition, all elements within a set of r elements and without repetition, don't include it.
 The formula for Combination without repetition is 
 C(n, r)=n!/r!(n-r)!'

C(n, r)= possible Combination without repetition.
n=number of objects 
r=Sample Size 
!=factorial number 

The formula to calculate with repetition is.
C'(n, r)=(r+n-1)!/r'(n-r)!

Possible Combination of 5 letters.

  • Identify the Total Number of Objects(n) and Sample Size(r). Let's consider the English Alphabet, so n=26 
  • A combination of 5 letters will be r=5 
  • Now in the Possible Combination section of the Calculator, input 26. So n=26 and r=5 
  • The Calculator will evaluate the possible Combination; It is 65,780 and 506 without repetition.

How many combinations are possible in Combination without Repetition?

The Combination without Repetition Calculator is used to determine Combination without repeated elements.
It provides the Combination without repetition, given the sample size and the number of objects.

Combination without Repitition

The formula to Calculate Combination without repetition is 

C(n,r) = n! / r!(n-r)!

C(n, r)= Combination without Repetition 
r=sample size.

Let's calculate a Combination without repetition from 4 numbers. Follow the steps.

  • The Combination of 4 numbers is required, so r=4. 
  • The total number of objects is through a decimal system. So the value of n=10.
  • Input the value in the formula of Combinations without repetition. It will give you the answer as 210.
  • So 210 is the value of Combination without repetition. However, it is always better to avoid the hassle and choose the Calculator for a much easier calculation.


The Permutation and Combination Calculator determines results for all the Combinations with Repetition, Combination Without Repetition and other Permutation and Combination Problems.

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