Permutation And Combination Calculator: Permutation And Combination/repetition Uses In Real Life Situations

Permutation And Combination Calculator: Permutation And Combination/repetition Uses In Real Life Situations

Using the real-life example of a Combination Lock.

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The tough part is which part is a Permutation And Combination Calculator in a given situation.

  • A combination is simply one where the order is not important. For example, a mixed salad. The order of the ingredients or list is not crucial.
  • A permutation is where the order is important, For example, A list of winners or planets in a solar system.

Now how are Combination and Permutation used in everyday life?

There are multiple possibilities for Combination and Permutation application. That can be used in everyday life. One such example is gambling.

  • The Organisers of the Lottery need to know the number of ways in which odd numbers can be picked.
  • The Slot Machine Manufacturers need to understand how many ways a picture can line up. It is considered to calculate odds numbers and prizes.

Let's Understand Permutation in Depth.

The combination is always less than Permutations.

Suppose you have numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Now you want to determine in which three ways you can select items. In which the order of things may not be crucial.
Note: The order cannot repeat. So you can choose 123, 234, 134, and 124.
Similarly, in permutation, the order of things or numbers is crucial. The same set with 24 possibilities can be determined. Select 123 and check the various possibilities.

123, 132, 321, 312, 231,213.

There are around six possibilities to set the orders of the four numbers mentioned above. So 4×6.


Repetition is where the numbers can be repeated. It is crucial when determining the correct formula. 
So using the above numbers.
123,(No Repetitions)
223( Number 2 is repeated.)

Repetition is allowed based on these two situations.

  • The Combination Lock can have any number in any order. Suppose it is 9892. So repetition is allowed.
  • Lottery numbers will not allow repetitions. Suppose you pick 67, 98, and 20 but not 67, 67 and 67.


Our Permutation and Combination Calculator can easily solve the Permutation and Combination Problems.

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