Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator To Get An Ideal Weight

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator To Get An Ideal Weight

What do you mean by pregnancy weight gain calculator?

At, we understand the importance of monitoring and managing your Pregnancy Weight Gain. Our Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator is a valuable tool that takes into account your height and weight to provide you with the ideal weight gain range for each month of your pregnancy. It ensures that you are gaining weight in a healthy and appropriate manner, supporting the growth and development of your baby. Stay on track and make informed choices about your pregnancy weight gain with

Do pregnant women experience any changes?

Pregnant women can feel changes in their bodies, as they got a fear of having stretch marks, urinary infections, and pain, and going through labor. Not only have these some more changes occurred, which include:

  • specific breast changes, 
  • significant changes in hormone regulation, 
  • the arterial pressure lowers, 
  • cardiac output increases by 30-50%, 
  • heart rate increases by 25%, 
  • Blood volume increases by 45%. 

On what does the pregnancy weight gain calculator base its calculations?

Our Pregnancy weight gain calculator is based on the 2009 Institute of Medicine recommendations for weight gain. The World Health Organisation and the National Health and Medical Research Council endorse it. This calculator is based on the US and Metric units and shows the healthy weight range during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you may experience body changes where weight gain is the most important. Pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks from the last menstrual period or 38 weeks from fertilization. It is divided into three trimesters

  • 1st trimester – first 12 weeks
  • 2nd trimester – from 13th till 28th week
  • 3rd trimester – from 29th week till childbirth

You can continue tracking your weight gain on the calculator during pregnancy to get an exact result.

 Stay informed about your changing body and monitor your weight gain throughout pregnancy with's Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator.

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