Right Angled Triangle Calculator: Calculate missing Sides, angles, and perimeter of a right angle triangle.

Right Angled Triangle Calculator: Calculate missing Sides, angles, and perimeter of a right angle triangle.

Welcome to Allcalculator.net, your trusted source for accurate calculations related to right-angled triangles. Our Right Angled Triangle Calculator enables you to effortlessly calculate missing sides, angles, and even the perimeter of a right-angled triangle. Whether you're a student studying geometry or a professional working with architectural designs, Allcalculator.net provides you with the tools you need to solve right-angled triangle problems efficiently. Explore the power of our Right Angled Triangle Calculator and unlock the secrets of this fundamental geometric shape.

How to determine a missing side in a right-angled Triangle?

The procedure to follow while determining a missing side is to use the Pythagorean formula. 

Right angles have two sides and a hypotenuse. It is the longest side across the right-angled triangle. To find the hypotenuse, two sides are to be substituted. The sides are a and b. So to determine c, which is the hypotenuse. The square root of a and b of both sides is considered.

Similarly, if hypotenuse is known and one side is known. Input the values of a and c in the Pythagorean formula and determine the value of b with the same procedure.

Determine the Area of a Right Angled Triangle

To calculate the area of a right-angled triangle, Only two sides of the triangle are to be known. The value of hypotenuse is not important. It is because the sides are the height and base of the Triangle Calculator. So using the general formula.
So by substituting the values, the formula can be written as 

How to determine the perimeter and missing angles of a right-angled triangle?

First, to find the perimeter, put all three sides together. Using the same Pythagorean formula, determine the perimeter of a triangle. 

However, now if missing angles of a Right Triangle are to be determined. It is crucial to implement trigonometry. It is quite easy as our Calculator can determine it with a tap. 
While using the Calculator, all you need to do is add the values of the three sides. If you cannot determine it with this, then apply the Pythagorean formula.

  • After all the sides are determined, let's pick an angle we are supposed to find. 
  • Take the opposite side of the angle and divide it by the hypotenuse. It is side c 
  • It could give a value of 1 or 0 
  • Now through the Calculator, we can determine the value of our decimal and which angle is similar to it. Hence we can get the missing angles of the triangle.


The Right Angled Triangle Calculator can determine all the missing sides, angles, hypotenuse, area, perimeter and other components related to a Right angled triangle.

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