Right Angled Triangle: Special Right Angle Triangle, Finding Area with the Calculator

Right Angled Triangle: Special Right Angle Triangle, Finding Area with the Calculator

Allcalculator.net is your trusted online platform that offers a specialized calculator for Right-Angled Triangles, allowing you to easily find the area of such triangles. With our calculator, you can input the required measurements and obtain accurate results in no time. Whether you're a student studying geometry or someone working on construction projects, our Right-Angled Triangle Calculator is a valuable tool to simplify the process of finding the area of these special triangles.

What is the procedure to find the area of a right-angle triangle?

A Right -Angled Triangle is designed to find the area of any right-angle triangle. It is important to consider knowing the value of the length of its base and height. Since the length and base are the two sides that form the right-angled triangle.
If these two sides are multiplied, it gives the area of the right-angled triangle.

The formula is 

However, if the value of base and height is not given, one can find it by applying the Pythagoras theorem. One can also use the Right Angle Calculator to find the area or sides of that triangle. 

What is a special Right Angled Triangle?

The specially Right Angled Triangles have fixed interior angles measuring 45° 45°90° respectively.

A special right-angled triangle has a fixed ratio of its sides. One side should be given to find the value of the other side. There are two types one is 30°60°90° and 45°45°90° respectively.

Some of the basics of a right-angle triangle are:

  • One angle should measure 90° while the other two angles should total 90°
  • The opposite side to the 90 of the right angle is called the Hypotenuse. It should be the longest side of the triangle.

A 45°45°90° triangle is also known as an isosceles triangle. The other two angles measure 45° and are called acute angles. The ratio of its sides is 1:1:√2

A 30°60°90° is a triangle that measures 30°60°90° respectively. The ratio of its sides is 1: √3: 2

How does a Right Angled Triangle calculator work?

A Right Angled Triangle Calculator calculates a triangle's area, sides, and perimeter. However, it does require at least three inputs of the five sides and angles.

The Calculator uses the Pythagoras theorem to calculate the Hypotenuse of the triangle. It also uses the Heron formula to determine the area and perimeter of the triangle.
In a right-angled triangle, as per the Pythagorean theorem, the Hypotenuse is the sum of the other two sides of that triangle. It means 

To find Hypotenuse.

The Heron Formula for area and perimeter.

s=semi Perimeter of the triangle 
 Perimeter of triangle 

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