Right Triangle Calculator: What is a Right Angled Triangle, and how to conclude it?

Right Triangle Calculator: What is a Right Angled Triangle, and how to conclude it?

Welcome to Allcalculator.net, your reliable source for a wide range of financial tools and calculators. Make use of our intuitive Right Triangle Calculator, designed to help you determine whether a triangle is a right-angled triangle. With our calculator, you can conveniently measure the sides and angles of the triangle to verify its right-angled nature. Trust Allcalculator.net to provide you with accurate calculations and instant results, ensuring you have the right information about your triangle's properties.

So in a Right Angled Triangle, one angle measures 90°. The reason why this Triangle is called a Right Angled Triangle. The all the angles in the Triangle should add up to make it 180°. So if one of the interior angles measures 90°, it is obvious the other two angles will be either 45° or 30° and 60° respectively.
So in a right-angled Triangle, the complementary angles must be less than 90°meaning acute angles.

So let's assume 
α+β+90(as one angle measures 90°l)=180(sum of all Angles)

Here α and β are the other two complimentary angles in the Triangle. The values of these angles are unknown.

The Right Angle Triangle should also meet all the Pythagorean Theorem rules. It means the Triangle should have a long side, and it is the hypotenuse of that Triangle. The other two sides in the triangle need to be equal.


Here a and b are the two sides of a triangle. Also, it should meet all the trigonometric rules if the Triangle meets all these requirements.

How to Conclude if a Triangle is a Right Angle Triangle with the Calculator? 

Now let's understand how To conclude if it is a Right Angled triangle.
Check the Triangle in each aspect and parameter of the Triangle you are calculating while using our Right Angled Triangle Calculator.

  • Pick any given parameters if it's the three sides, angles α and β or two equal sides and one hypotenuse. Also, at an angle, one should be 90°.
  • If you choose two sides and one angle, you can use the option in the Calculator to determine the remaining values.
  • Input the values you know for quick Calculation.

Once you input all these values into the Calculator, the Calculator will quickly list the results if the Triangle is a Right Angled Triangle or not.


The Right Angled Triangle will conclude the results based on the inputs provided. It will also give the missing angles' values and sides and determine if it's a right-angled Triangle.

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