Sample Size Calculator: What Is Sample Size, and what Key points to consider while calculating?

Sample Size Calculator: What Is Sample Size, and what Key points to consider while calculating?

What is a Sample Size?

The sample Size is the completed responses that the survey requires. It is called a sample because it represents only a part of the group. It is the target population. The group of people whose opinion is considered. One way to sample is the random method of sampling. The Respondents are chosen entirely by luck from the population at large.

How do you understand Sample Size?

Some ways to understand Sample Size and Calculate are listed below.

Size of the Population. It determines the total number of people in the surveys you will study if you take a random group of people across the U.S. The population would be 317 million. Similarly, you can survey the employees of a company.

The margin of error: it is a percentage of how much expectation the population the survey result determines. So the closer the survey result is to the margin error, the more accurate the result will be. It ultimately will determine the Confidence Level.

Sampling with Confidence Level: a percentage representing how confident you are with the population. Hence you can select an answer within a particular range.


Suppose you have a 95%as confidence level. There are certainly around 95 false responses within x and y numbers.

Sample Size Formula 

Sample size =z² xp (1-p)/e²/1+z²xp (1-p)/e²N 

Here N represents the size of the population.

e=Margin error.

Z=Z score. It determines the number of Standard Deviations and the distance from the mean. You can determine the Z score for the confidence level using the table below.

Confidence level           z-score

80%                                       1.28

85%                                         1.44

90%                                       1. 65

95%                                       1.96

99%                                       2.58

Points to remember when calculating sample size

Suppose you want the margin error to be small. It is important to have a larger Sample size with the population.

If the Confidence level is higher, the larger the sample size needs to be.


Sample Size Calculator calculates by considering all the factors like Confidence Level, Margin Error, and others.

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