Say Goodbye to Math Anxiety with our Triangle Calculator

Say Goodbye to Math Anxiety with our Triangle Calculator

What is a triangle?

At, we provide a comprehensive understanding of triangles, including their vertices and line segments. Our Triangle Calculator simplifies the process of analyzing and solving triangle properties, allowing you to effortlessly work with this fundamental polygon.

Further, the triangles are categorized depending on the length of the sides and internal angles. A triangle with equal length is an equilateral triangle. At the same time, a triangle with two equal sides is called an isosceles Triangle. In contrast, a triangle with no equal length or sides is a scalene triangle.

In trigonometry, a triangle is generally a two dimension plane figure. Simply a polygon with three sides and angles. The interior angle sun should be 180°. Depending on the measurement of the sides and angles of the Triangle. The Triangle can be further classified into three categories.

  • Scalene Triangle 
  • Isosceles Triangle 
  • Equilateral Triangle 

In terms of the angles, the Triangle is classified as 

  • Acute angle triangle.
  • Obtuse angle triangle.
  • Right Angle Triangle.

Formulas to calculate the area and perimeter of the triangle

To calculate the area and perimeter of the Triangle is.

Area of a triangle -1/2×b×h

The perimeter of the triangles = a+b+c

sides of the Triangle:a b and c respectively.

b -base,


How can you use a triangle Calculator?

The steps to use the Triangle Calculator is extremely easy.

  • Input the values of two sides or lengths and angles in the respective field.
  • Tap on Calculate Triangle to get the area and perimeter of the particular Triangle.
  • In a few seconds, the Calculator will display the value of the area and perimeter, respectively.

How does the Triangle Calculator work?

The Triangle Calculator needs the following details while it makes the calculation.

Enter the value of the length of Side a-

Enter the value of the length of Side b-

Enter the Angle A Value-


Enter the value of the length of side c-

Enter the Angle B Value-

Enter the Angle C Value-

The perimeter of the Triangle-

Area of the Triangle-

The Calculator will ask for the values related to the problem you are solving. For instance, you must input the base and height values while calculating the area. Similarly, for the perimeter, you need to input the values of the three sides.

Provide three values of the six fields and click on calculate to get the other results.

Some facts regarding Triangles

  • A triangle has only one vertex if the internal angle is greater than 90°. 
  • The interior angles add up and total 180°. At the same time, the exterior angles of any triangle are equal to the sum of two interior angles.
  • The sum of a triangle's two sides or lengths will always measure more than the third Side.

Conclusion Triangle Calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the angles, sides, length, and area of perimeter of the Triangle by simply putting an end to your math anxiety.

Our user-friendly Triangle Calculator takes the stress out of geometry calculations, providing accurate results for angles, sides, length, and area in seconds.'s Triangle Calculator is your go-to solution for eliminating math anxiety and effortlessly solving triangle properties. Calculate angles, sides, lengths, and areas with confidence using our user-friendly and accurate online calculator.

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