Some Queries On The Financial Calculator That  You Shouldn’t Miss To Read!

Some Queries On The Financial Calculator That  You Shouldn’t Miss To Read!

What is an financial calculator all about?

An Financial calculator that performs financial functions it's needed in business and commerce communities. It can be used to calculate the future value of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) payments and EMI (Equated monthly Instalments) of home loans and car loans. It also calculates the periodic payment, interest rate, Number of compounding periods, and present value. This calculator is created with stand-alone keys and is unavailable in other calculators. 

What are the uses of a financial calculator?

A financial calculator can aid students who are appearing for certifications in financial management and branches of Management Studies. Some professionals and entrepreneurs also need this device to simplify various complex operations. Financial calculators play an important role in various business operations. 

The other basic uses of a financial calculator

Financial calculators can be used to calculate: Future value, Equated Monthly Installments, and Compound Interest.

How to Calculate Future Value?

Using this financial calculator, there are three simple steps to calculate future value. The steps are:

  • Enter the initial amount in the calculator
  • Enter the rate of interest in percentage
  • Enter the period in years

Based on the above input values, you can get the future value.

How to Calculate Equated Monthly Installments?

The difficulty in taking out a loan is paying the EMIs on time. You can also calculate the EMI using the financial calculator. The steps are:

  • Enter the loan amount
  • Enter the interest rate
  • Finally, enter the loan term in years

How to calculate Compound Interest?

Using this compound interest, you can understand how your money will multiply. This online financial calculator will answer the compound interest in seconds. The steps are:

  • Enter the principal amount
  • Enter the rate of interest per annum
  • Enter the time in years

The financial calculators can save time; the numbers you enter are not based on a guess to have an accurate answer. 

What are the functions of a financial calculator?

The basic functions of a financial calculator include

  • Payment calculations
  • Determining the Rate of interest for transactions
  • Calculations for determining current or upcoming loan value

Five important keys that represent the variables in calculations are:

  • N – Number of periods
  • I – the periodic interest rate
  • PV - Present value
  • PMT – calculate the payment
  • FV – calculate the future value


Input a value of 10,000 and press the FV key

Input 12 and press the N key

Enter 7% and press the I key

Input 0 and press the P key

You have assigned four different values for the four different variables. To get the final result, press the PV key. 

A financial calculator can save you valuable time and show you accurate results. It also contains other functions like graphing and scientific functions.

Graphing functions!

Graphical functions can determine the financial status of a business of periodical growth. Students solve various variables, and graphing features would illustrate the overall transition across the X and Y-axis. It gives a clear idea of the cash flow and other parameters in particular operations over time. Graphing functions add the simplicity of analyzing the problems and bringing solutions properly.

Scientific functions!

In financial calculations, scientific and mathematical concepts are also involved. The best example can be the use of calculus, trigonometry, and logarithm in finance-related problems. The financial calculator's scientific and mathematical functions help you reach the solutions in minimal effort and time. 

What are the types of Financial Calculators that are worth knowing?

The compound Interest Calculator works out the compound interest on your savings or investments.

The daily compounding calculator calculates the daily compound interest you might receive on your investment. It's also useful for day trading or cryptocurrency trading.

Amortization Calculator – This is used to work out your schedule of monthly repayments and split the payments and interest on your loan.

APY calculator – in this, you might earn on your savings or investments every time, and APY might be receiving.

CAGR calculator – this compound annual growth rate calculator is used to calculate the annual growth rate of an investment.

Car Loan Investment – These calculator results include a monthly breakdown schedule of interest and capital repayment amounts.

Credit card payments – these credit card repayments work out effective strategies for paying off your credit card debt.

Currency Converter – currency converter allows you to quickly convert between over 250 currencies.

Forex Compounding - this forex compounding calculator sees a projection of what you might earn on your forex currency trading.

IRR calculator is an internal rate of return calculator that measures its profitability with its IRR calculator tool.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator – It can refinish your existing mortgage and lowers your monthly payments.

SIP calculator – Work out returns you might receive on fund investments made through your Systematic Investment Plan.

Does using a financial calculator have any restrictions?

Many authorities restrict the use of financial calculators because they can store text. This calculator is used for advanced college courses or financial certification exams. You can also use only certain financial calculator models with the capability of advanced functions.

You can use these financial calculators for CFA and certification exams. Some models of financial calculators are used to store data in memory as a register that cannot be allowed in exams.

What are the functions of a financial calculator?

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