Stair Calculator: Determining Run, Riser And Height Of Every Step

Stair Calculator: Determining Run, Riser And Height Of Every Step

How do you determine the Run and Rise of the Staircase?

To build a staircase, various parameters are involved, like Rise, Run, thread, angle, length and more in building a staircase calculator. While the Staircase Calculator is an ideal way to determine the factors involved in a staircase.

At, we understand the complexity of staircase construction and the importance of precise measurements. Our advanced Staircase Calculator is a reliable tool that enables you to effortlessly calculate and optimize the parameters such as Rise, Run, thread, angle, length, and more. With, you can confidently plan and create a staircase that meets the highest standards of safety and functionality.

The following are other ways to determine the Run and Rise of the Staircase.

The Riser

  • The distance between the floor and the staircase. This vertical distance is the principal determinant of the Riser.
  • Dividing the height by 7 inches if the floor distance is 8ft 10inch. So 15threads are needed.
  • The next step involves dividing the height by the number of treads. It contributes to the actual tread height.

The Run

  • Using the Formula. The Addition of the Rise and Run should account for 17.5 inches.
  • Some Builder designers may prefer the rise and run to be 24 and 25 inches.
  • But in any case, whichever formula is used. The staircase has to be 7 inches above the tread or 10 inches above the tread.

These are the ways to measure or determine the Riser and thread with the Formulas. However, it's preferable to use a Stair Calculator for approximate values. It will give accurate results as formulas sometimes can go wrong with Calculation and determining the Riser and Run of the Step.

How high should the Stairs be?

It is important to note while building a staircase. Sizing the correct step is crucial to ensure safety.
It must also consider the local building codes and the limitations ensured by people using them.

Height of Riser
It is the vertical piece at the back of the tread. It sets the height between each step. In most cases, it is a wooden piece and is constant throughout the staircase.

US standards say the height should be 7 or 7.5 inches. It should not be below 4 inches. Also, following the building codes depending on your region is another major part.

The Headroom and height of the Riser are two different things. It is the distance between any step and the ceiling. There are certain rules in the case of the Headroom.

It should be at most 30 degrees from the surface level to the stair tread. It is to prevent anyone from falling backwards.

Open Riser
Most of the Staircases don't have an open riser. Designed at 4 inches in diameter. It will not pass through any sphere.

The Riser limits limited mobility
It refers to children and older adults. Mostly staircases for them should be avoided. But if they have to climb steps. The standard height of the step should be 6-7 inches.

Above all, hiring builders focused on building staircases and ensuring safe and easy climbing quality is a must.


The Stair Calculator will give values for the above factors included in a StairCase.

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