The benefits of tracking your BMR and how to do it with a calculator!

The benefits of tracking your BMR and how to do it with a calculator!

Optimize Your Fitness Journey with Our Accurate BMR Calculator

At, our BMR Calculator is a reliable and efficient online tool that accurately calculates your basal metabolic rate based on essential factors like gender, age, height, and weight. By using our calculator, you can save time, obtain precise results within seconds, and avoid the risk of manual calculation errors. With the calculated BMR, you can create a personalized diet and exercise plan, paving the way for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Experience the convenience and accuracy of Our BMR Calculator today.

You can calculate BMR by using multiple factors such as:

Age – the BMR decreases with age as the free fat mass gradually drops during aging.

Gender – men had proven to have a higher BMR than women. Men's free fat mass is, on average more than women's. 

Height in cms – irrespective of weight, a person who is tall and thin has a higher BMR than their shorter counterparts.

Weight in kgs – the BMR is calculated using the body’s lean mass, that is, the muscle mass, as it requires a lot of energy to maintain itself. 

Calculate BMR using the BMR calculator

There are two formulas to use for this accurate Basal Metabolic Calculator is:

  • Mifflin-St Jeor 
  • Katch-McArdle

If you don't add your body fat percentage, the calculator falls back to using the Mifflin-St Jeor formula, which is more accurate. This formula excludes the activity level factor included in the below-given formulas to provide an accurate BMR calculation.

Mifflin-St Jeor Formula

Male – (10 x Weight in KGs) + (6.25 x Height in CMs) – (5 x Age) + 5
Female - (10 x Weight in KGs) + (6.25 x Height in CMs) – (5 x Age) – 161

Katch-McArdle Formula

Male and Female = 370 + (21.6 x (Weight in KGs – (Body fat % x Weight in KGs)))
The above-given formulas estimate the number of calories your body burns to stay alive. It is best to say that there is a margin of error of 10%, so you can regularly check to provide better results. 

Benefits of tracking your BMR!

Here are the few benefits listed below that show you why you track your BMR.

Understanding caloric needs

Determining your BMR helps you find the nutrition plan and recognize your daily caloric needs. By knowing how many calories your body burns, you can find how much you need to eat to gain, lose or sustain weight.

Weight management  BMR is the most understanding factor if you want to lose or gain weight. It 

gives you the information and sets a diet that aligns with your goals. 

Track fitness progress – if BMR increases, you are gaining more muscle and getting stronger. Since gaining muscle is the most effective way to change your BMR.

Improve metabolism –high BMR is associated with high-fat metabolism and greater muscle mass. At the same time, a low BMR has a lower metabolism, lower muscle mass, and higher percent of body fat. 

By tracking your BMR, you can gain insights into your body's caloric needs, tailor your diet to your goals, monitor fitness progress, and enhance your overall metabolic health. Experience the power of BMR tracking with our reliable calculator at

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