The Hours Calculator Can Help You Determine The Proper Time

The Hours Calculator Can Help You Determine The Proper Time

Welcome to, the ultimate destination for all your calculation needs! Our Hours Calculator, available on, is a powerful tool that can assist you in determining the proper time for various tasks and activities. With the Hours Calculator, you can easily calculate the duration of your work shifts, track your study hours, or estimate the time needed for completing a project. is dedicated to providing accurate and efficient calculation solutions to make your life easier. Try our Hours Calculator today and optimize your time management effectively!

How can you calculate your working hours?

  • First, Convert start and end times to the 24-hour format by adding 12 hours to the PM times.
    Eg: 4:30 PM = 4:30 + 12:00 = 16:30
  • Second, subtract the start time from the end time.
    E.g., 16:30 – 9:00 = 7:30
  • If your working time included an unpaid break, subtract it from the time obtained in the above step.
    E.g., 7:30 – 0:30 = 7:00
  • Finally, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for all days you want to include and sum them up.
    E.g. to find your weekly hours and your schedule is the same on each day, 7+7+7+7+7 = 35

How to use the hours and minutes calculator?

The Hours and Minutes Calculator is easy to use as you can get results easily.

  • Enter the values, and the sum will display at the bottom of the calculator. 
  • New rows will appear as you fill in the last field.
  • Use the tab key to move the cursor to the next field
  • Click the blue ‘hrs’ or ‘min’ to change the default time unit and convert between them
  • Click on reset default below the calculator to return to default units.
  • Delete all the time values of the previous file and click on the arrow icon to delete the values but keep the units changed.

How can you add Hours on a Calculator?

  • Add hours and convert the values to the same unit first.
  • Add hours to hours, convert the minutes, and add them to the sum of hours.
  • If you want to convert hours and minutes to hours, divide the minutes by 60 and add the entire hours.
  • If you want the result in minutes, multiply hours by 60 and add the whole minutes.

Does an hour vary depending on the period?

Hours in a day – 24 hrs
Hours in a week – 168 hrs
Hours in a month – 672 for a 28-day month
                               696 for a 29-day month
                               720 for a 30-day month
                               744 for a 31-day month
                               730.5 on average
Hours in a year – 8760 for a 365-day year
8784 for a 366-day year
8766 on average
Hours in a decade - 87648 for a 2-leap year decade
                                87672 for a 3-leap year decade
                                87660 on average
Hours in a century – 876600

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