The Role Of Exercise In Boosting Your BMR And Burning More Calories!

The Role Of Exercise In Boosting Your BMR And Burning More Calories!

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Exercise burns calories but not metabolism!

Exercise burn calories

Muscle burns more calories when compared to fats. People with more muscle mass will boost their metabolism. Sometimes the brain, livers, kidneys, and lungs impact your metabolism more than muscles. For the living and functioning of the body, energy, and calories are required 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

Exercise does not boost metabolism

Metabolism plays an important role in losing weight or gaining muscle mass. One of the easy ways to lose weight is by eating fewer calories or burning 500 calories a day through exercise. There is no other simple method to lose weight, such as boosting or increasing your Metabolism. One of the easy methods is to consume fewer calories than you burn; weight loss will happen. 

The calories you burn will depend on several factors, which include:

  • Duration of exercise
  • Pace
  • Intensity
  • Your height and weight
  • There are some of the 12 best exercises that help you to burn calories. Your calorie burn will depend on intensity, duration, and weight. Exercise can burn many calories, so focus on high-intensity workouts that increase your heart rate. The list of exercises that help you to burn calories are:

High-knee running!

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 240 to 355.5
It is a cardio workout that raises your heart rate while strengthening your lower body. 

Butt kicks

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 240 to 355.5
It is also a cardio workout like high-knee running. Butt Kicks for 30 minutes burns your calorie at high intensity. 

Mountain climbers

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 240 to 355.5
It is a full-body workout, and you need to use your entire body to burn many calories.


Calories burned in 30 minutes = 198 to 294
Swimming is one of the low-impact workouts. It burns energy while improving muscle strength, blood flow, and lung and heart capacity. 

Stationary bicycling

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 210 to 311
By using stationary bicycling, you can burn significant calories. Start with a five-minute warmup and one-minute speed in between and two-minute recovery intervals. 


Calories burned in 30 minutes = 240 to 355.5
 Running is one of the best calorie-burning exercises; if you have no time, you can go with sprints that shorten your workout into high-intensity sprints. 


Calories burned in 30 minutes = 3.1 to 4.6
It is the simplest way to burn calories at home


Calories burned in 30 minutes = 10.8 to 16
It is considered the best exercise, which improves flexibility and increases endurance. 

Aerobic dance 

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 6.6 to 9.8
Dancing is a cardio exercise disguised as a recreational activity, and it's fun. Also, you can burn more calories by dancing.

Jumping Jacks

Calories burned in 30 minutes = 8 to 11.8

Jumping jacks are a cardio exercise that raises your heart rate. But you only need a little space to do these jumping jacks. 

Running is at the top list for the most calories burned per hour. The first and foremost way to burn more calories while exercising than resting. How many calories you burn is more important than how many calories you burn. You gain more calories when you exercise because your body requires more energy to perform basic tasks like breathing and digestion. Working out without stress can have several benefits, including increased calorie burn.

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