Top 5 Auto Loan Calculators For Comparing Loan Options

Top 5 Auto Loan Calculators For Comparing Loan Options

At, our Auto Loan Calculator is the perfect tool to help you navigate through uncertainties and calculate the loan amount, along with interest rates, efficiently. With our online calculator, you can confidently plan your loan repayment and make informed financial decisions.

Auto loans are considered a remarkable way to finance a dream car without having to pay for it all at once. Multiple loan options are available; how do you choose the best one for your financial situation? That’s why you can use an auto loan calculator step-wise. 

This online tool simplifies the complicated process of comparing loan options by providing quick and easy ways to see how different factors affect your monthly payments, total interest costs, and loan terms.

Once you use the tool, you can clearly understand the loan options and their expected requirements. Want to learn more? Let's elaborate on the top five and best auto loan calculators that facilitate you to compare the various loan options.'s Auto loan calculator 

The first online auto loan calculator is's Auto loan calculator, which is easy to use and free of cost. Just a few details, and then you can access accurate and error-free results in a fraction of a second. It is used for buying domestic cars and is a helpful tool while estimating the amount to repay monthly, wherein you can include the interest of a loan. 

This calculator counts and considers each aspect that figures out and involves paying against the loan amount you take when buying a vehicle. It offers you several benefits, as mentioned given below: 

  • As time and money are invaluable facets of life,'s Auto loan calculator allows you to save precious time and money without spending a penny on the calculator.  
  • You can assure of the final output as this calculator provides error-free and accurate results in just a fraction of a second. You'll need to enter the correct details to get the right aftermaths. 
  • You can plan your budget as per the sources available to you. Once you get an idea about EMI, you can plot your budget. If the loan amount is large, you can think of longer tenure. 

Bankrate Auto Loan Calculator

One of the most prevalent auto loan calculators is the one Bankrate provides. This calculator considers several factors that impact your loan payments, such as credit score, loan amount, interest rate, and down payment. 

Enter the relevant information to receive customized loan terms and Monthly Payment. The key feature of the Bankrate auto loan calculator is its flexibility. You can adjust variables such as your credit score, down payment amount, and loan amount to see how it affects your monthly payments, interest rate, and loan terms. 

This gives you a better understanding of how changing these variables can impact your loan costs.

Credit Karma Auto Loan Calculator

The third auto loan calculator is Credit Karma. This calculator considers many of the same factors as the Bankrate calculator and offers similar customization options. One of the key benefits of the Credit Karma auto loan calculator is its user-friendly interface. 

The interface is simple and easy to use, making it an excellent option for those new to auto financing. This calculator helps you compare loan options and select the best one for your financial situation. It provides a breakdown of your estimated monthly payments, total interest expenses, and loan terms for a given set of parameters. 

CNN Money Auto Loan Calculator

If you're looking for an Auto loan calculator that provides quick and easy access to multiple auto loan options, then the CNN Money auto loan calculator is worth considering. This calculator allows you to compare loan options from multiple lenders, providing personalized rates and payment estimates based on your financial situation.

You can also adjust the variables such as interest rate, Down Payment, and credit score to see how it affects your loan terms.

Groww's Car loan EMI calculator 

Last but not least, you can use Groww's auto loan calculator, which helps you make a well-versed decision about the funding amount you'll require to buy a luxury car and a dream home. You can use it to know how many EMIs there are. It offers you the easy-to-use and best way to calculate the loan amount. 

In addition, you can select various floating and fixed Interest Rates once you reach the website. You'll need to input the interest rate, tenure, and principal amount to use the calculator. Once you enter, press the 'click' button and get to know your EMI's payable. 

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