What are three factors that can affect BMR?

What are three factors that can affect BMR?

Definition of BMR.

BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, is the energy released by a body while it is completely at rest. It means no physical activity occurs, but some energy is consumed. To calculate your BMR rate, you can use our BMR calculator available at Allcalculator.net. The best time to measure it is 10-13 hours after a good meal when the subject is reclining. The only activity taking place is breathing and heartbeats. We have listed the three factors that affect the BMR of a person majorly.

The average BMR of a man is between 7100 per day, and for a woman, it is 5000 per day. 
If we calculate the BMR In terms of oxygen consumed, it is 15/hrs.
The BMR is the energy your body needs to maintain its homeostasis. It is determined by lean body mass and, most significantly, muscle mass. It is because lean muscle requires more energy. Now that BMR contributes more toward the energy consumed and utilized. Hence it becomes important to maintain or increase lean muscle mass, especially while exercising, to lose weight.

Maintaining or working on lean muscle mass while training increases and utilizes the daily energy expenditure 
Energy expenditure or utilization differs at a different pace, but it is a commis process. The energy utilized in the morning is very less, and hence it is the best time to calculate the BMR value of a person.

Various factors affect the BMR rate of a person. You can use the BMR Calculator to calculate the BMR Rate. But the three major factors affecting the BMR are listed below.

Body Size 

The BMR is related to the Body Surface Area of a person. It is less or more related to the height and weight of a person. It is one of the reasons that can affect a person’s BMR.
Adults or people with larger bodies have a significantly larger BMR because of metabolic tissue age a larger BMR. The lower a person's fat percentage, the higher the person's BMR rate. Men tend to have a lower body fat percentage, which is why they have a higher BMR than women. 
While in the case of Body Surface Area, if it's more at the same time, The BMR of a person is more. Tall and thin people tend to have a higher BMR. It is the reflection of their height and weight.
While these are some of the crucial factors in determining the BMR of a person, it is important to note that genetics play a crucial role in deciding a person's BMR. Some people are born and blessed with a higher metabolic rate. Higher metabolic rates are found in people living in tropical regions.

Gender, Age, and  Weight.

Men tend to have a lower fat percentage, as mentioned above. They have a greater muscle mass, which is the opposite in the case of women. So it is the major reason men tend to have a higher BMR of a person compared to women. Age, gender, and weight are other factors that affect BMR.
With age, the metabolism of a person also takes a backseat. It is due to the loss of muscle mass. But there are also some hormonal and neurological reasons for lowering bMR.
During their development, state children go through a period of growth and fluctuation of metabolic rate.
BMR reduces with age as children have higher BMR than Adults. So it is inversely proportional. After 20 years, it drops down to 2 percent per decade.
The heavier a person is, the large person's BMR. So the metabolic rate of an obese person is 25 percent more compared to a normal person.

Body Fat.

Fat cells are stubborn and rarely burn at kilojoules, compared to muscle and tissues. If the body fat percentage is low, the BMR will be high. It is the main reason men have a higher BMR than women. Body fat is another factor that affects BMR.

These are the three main reasons that affect the BMR of a person. However, there are various reasons which contribute to the BMR of a person. It includes Diet, physical activity, genetics, weight, body temperature, External Temperature, pregnancy, and many more. 

However, for a proper understanding of medical requirements related to BMR, You can get a BMR test done by a BMR monitor or doctor. Or you can use our BMR Calculator to determine the BMR values of a person. It is a major reason for determining and treating many health-related issues. It also aids in understanding the calorie requirement of a person.

The BMR Calculator uses the following details to determine your BMR rate, and it calculates the BMR value of a person in seconds.

The calculator needs the following details.

It is important to understand that the rate given by Our BMR Calculator is an estimation or precise depending on the correct details you provide.


The person utilizes the BMR while the person is at rest. The BMR Calculator uses the three equations of the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation, Harris-Benedict Equation, and Katch-McArdle equation to determine the BMR value of a person. Note that many factors contribute to understanding the BMR value of a person. So as per the information you provide, the calculator will provide you with the results.

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